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We (me, hubby & the kid) are spending a few days in Chester, in north-west England, and the hotel fortunately has wi-fi. Last night we went to Wrexham and saw Adrian Edmondson (of Young Ones fame) perform with his band The Bad Shepherds, there unique brand of punk/folk music. Ade himself plays the thrash mandolin. It was very, very good. Especially the two on the fiddle and bagpipes.

The support band was...not so good. A local band, who I think will stay very local.

Today, we're off around Chester, and from what I've seen already, it's a lovely city. Plenty of old buildings and the medieval city wall. Of course, it was a Roman fort by the name of Deva...where Mark was primarily assigned when he was cursed...so I expect to hear a lot from the muses. *g*

Okay, must dash...again...and get a shower. Miss you all.

And Manda...thank you *massive hugs* I appreciate you tons, too!
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The band that I'm going to see during my England trip. Actually I was looking for these last week, when I got sidetracked by Bad News. :D Punk songs with traditional folk instruments.

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With Bad News...the worst Heavy Metal band ever (and who pre-date Spinal Tap by a year)

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I haven't done one of these for a few weeks, and in honour of #1 Son who just today signed the next six years of his life away to Uncle Sam:

The Air Force Song (aka The Wild Blue Yonder)

(He has gone in under delayed enlistment, so he's still waiting to hear when he starts Basic. but he's taken the oath and signed on the dotted line (well, electronic line).
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This has been around before, but I don't think I've ever done it, so here goes.

So, here's how it works:
1. Open your library (iTunes, Winamp, Media Player, iPod, etc).
2. Put it on shuffle.
3. Press play.
4. For every scene, type the song that's playing.
5. When you get to the next scene, shuffle to a new song.
6. Don't lie about the songs for cool points or irony...just type it in, yo! Share and tag.

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[livejournal.com profile] fannyfae reminded me of the joys of a place I used to live. It was the first city I lived in when I came to the US. And believe me, it's a wonder I ever wanted to stay after living there for nearly three years. Only one good thing came out of there, and that was my oldest son.

My "tribute" to Lubbock, Texas..

Lubbock or Leave It by The Dixie Chicks (I love the last verse! So true.)

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A song which sings the praises *ahem* of the London Underground. Explicit lyrics...NSFW!

London Underground Song by Adam Kay and Suman Biswas

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Just, and as I've skipped a couple of weeks, here's a reintroduction to...

This Is Ska by Bad Manners

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Continuing the SKA theme, one of the top SKA bands ever...and one that I've been to see twice (thankfully Dave Wakeling lives in the Cal-Nev area :D), and they are still a fun, energetic band. The video is from the early days.

The English Beat with "Save It For Later"

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First off, I have the day off today, but I won't be around much as hubby has the day off, and I've also got to run down to Sac. So apologies to those I owe tags...I know I'm way behind, but I'll try and catch up a little in the next couple of days...though Thursday and Friday are going to suck too as I'm working all day then.

Now, to the nuttiest sound around, and one of my favouritest....

....Madness and "Night Boat to Cairo"

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The observation

I watched the mini-series "John Adams" before I got into and started RP around "Shoot 'Em UP", so how is it that when I see a clip of Paul Giamatti as John Adams now, my brain automatically thinks..."WTF is Hertz wearing a silly wig for?"

The movie review

Death Race. Okay, there was one reason and one reason alone for watching this...and that was the fact that Jason Statham and Tyrese Gibson are both in it! Andy and Marcus together! It's a brainless action/prison/car movie with only slightly more plot than the aforementioned "Shoot 'Em Up" but it's a good ride. The premise is that the U.S. economy has tanked, mass unemployment (hmmm....) and prisons are run by corporations. In order to distract the masses, a la the Roman bread and circuses, the prisons put on shows to pull in viewers and money. One such event is "Death Race" a brutal and deadly three stage car race...where convicts can win their freedom after winning five races.

Of course that is all a lie. Jensen Ames (Statham), a former racing driver, is framed for the murder of his wife so that the prison warden can boost their rating since the fans' favourite has been killed. If he takes the driver's place and win one race, he will be released. What happens next is that Ames discovers who killed his wife, screws over the warden, and teams up with rival driver, Machine Gun Joe (Gibson) to escape. A mindless hour and forty five minutes, but good, if you treat it as exactly what it says on the label.

My only real quibble with it is that nowhere near enough scenes with Jason and Tyrese together, nor enough shots with them in the same frame.

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Music Monday

This is from Caspian himself....or rather Marcus Testory and his band "Chamber". "The Truth About Snow White." Brilliant....and the vid goes really well.

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And now, my music offering. Two this week, both by the Big Yin himself, Billy Connolly.

D.I.V.O.R.C.E. -- or Billy's better version of the Tammy Wynette song

And the Wellie Boot Song

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Or Farewell Symphony. This is so neat.

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This is of interest to possibly only me here, but this song cracks me up. The hubby is a Crew Chief (aircraft maintainer) by trade, and from hearing his stories, this song just about sums up fighter pilots. The group consists of two active duty F-16 pilots.

Lyrics NSFW

Edit: And a little translation from Air Force speak.

Code 3....Airplane comes back broken and is grounded until fixed. (Not sure what a Code 2 is, but I think not as broken as Code 3)

FOD...Foreign Object Damage. Anything that's in a place it's not supposed to be and can cause damage. In a cockpit, that can be trash, bolts, screws, anything that can move around and damage equipment.

ECM pod...Electronic Counter Measures. Chaff, flares that are used to throw off incoming missiles.
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From one of my favourite bands, my favouritist song EVA!! (And to celebrate that I've just found out they're doing a reunion tour!)

An extra bit of trivia *g* This video was directed Russell Mulcahy who also directed the original Highlander movie.

Edit: Found a much better quality version and in stereo. :)
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This is a cover of Ginuwine's "Hot Little Pony" by local Sacramento band, Far. IMO, it is immensely better than the original.

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With all the surfing around YouTube for that meme today, I came across this, and I just wanted to place this one here, just so I have it as I haven't yet found it for download anywhere.

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Inspired by listing Manda's top albums, I've decided to make my own list. I have very eclectic music tastes with only a couple of genres I really can't stand, but I am a child of the 80s (and late 70s) mostly, and so with one or two possible exceptions, here are my top ten uhm eleven pop/rock albums. Completely arbitary, and even not necessarily commercially or critically the best...and in no particular order.

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