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Well, okay, along with the hubby.....and, oh yeah, the bank.

And not just any house, but after (for me) 28 years of moving every very few years, this is intended to be our forever home. For a brief description, it's rural central PA...as rural as I would allow the hubby to move me and about 30 mins from the closest good sized city, but the location is stunning. It's American farmhouse style, built in 2008 and about 2700 sq.ft, but we're going to finish off the basement, so that'll bring it up another 1000 sq.ft, four bedrooms, 2.5 baths. The only thing 'wrong' about it is the decor...so not to our taste, very flowery...but that is easily remedied. It sits about halfway up a big hill/small mountain with open fields in front and wooded to the top of the hill/mountain and is all but 22 acres (21.96 to be precise). It almost backs onto a state park...and the strip of land between the two is an easement for utility companies, so no one is going to build there anyway.

I won't say how much we paid, but if I converted it to British pounds, it would cost only 50kGBP more than my mum's 2-up/2-down end of terrace in the middle of town.

It was a long, roundabout journey to getting the house though.

We first viewed it back in July and really liked it (duh!). The problem was, at the time, twofold. 1) Hubby did not have a job, only his AF retirement (that hadn't actually come through yet) and naturally banks were not willing to lend him the money without a job, even though he would have a very good, steady income for the rest of his life. The second was that the property was actually divided into two parcels of 10 acres and 12 acres which would have meant two mortgages...one at a much higher interest rate. We had to walk away as it was just impossible.

Clearly, we weren't the only potential buyers with that problem, and within a couple of months they had combined both parcels into one. That problem solved, hubby still didn't have a job and our bank that caters nearly exclusively to the military would not give him a loan (despite the retirement pay). So, on the advice of our wonderful realtor, we went to the small local bank in the town, and we were pre-approved with very little fuss and certainly they weren't bothered by his lack of employment, knowing that a) he had his retirement, and b) he was looking for work. Our mortgage is worked out relying solely on his retirement, which is very good. As it happens right before Christmas, he got a job with the DoD, although he hasn't started yet.

Our next and last hurdle was the fact that the sellers, a Mennonite family had already moved out and were in Bolivia doing missionary work. We actually should have closed last week, but they had signed the Power of Attorney for their representative incorrectly, so they had to travel to the US Embassy in La Paz to redo it and then express mail it here. With the holiday weekend and the heavy snow on Tuesday, it didn't reach their agent until yesterday.

So now, after 28 years of moving, 9 months without a home of our own, and over 7 months of living with the in-laws...we have a house. Not that we've moved in yet...or will do for a little while. Arranging for our belongings to be delivered out of storage, some in VA and some in CA, can take a few weeks, and so we're going to spend that time decorating it to more our tastes. And that in itself is a thrill after so many years of base housing and rentals where magnolia white is the only permissible colour!
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Well, hopefully things may settle down for a little while...like a week! The predicted craziness was indeed crazy. Two weeks with my sisters-in-law, two of which had never been out of the US before, and one of those who had never been on a plane before...so they were really touristy...photos of EVERYTHING. Then the youngest came home on his spring break and also my mum.

Hub's retirement went very well indeed, and the effort that went into it, the dinner/roast the night before, the ceremony itself, and then the reception after were awesome. One of the many presentations he received was a gun barrel from an A-10 (7ft long and about 100lbs) which will was made into a corner shelving unit. The ceremony itself was according to protocol and quite emotional for hubs...but swigs of Bitburger helped to fend off the teary moments (his fellow Chiefs had a pool going for when he would blub). And then came the reception. Usually such things only last a couple of hours, but we were there for six, partly because it was an open bar, but mostly because of the great live music. Dave's now former boss, the group commander, has his own band, and they were terrific, even more so considering they'd only been together a month or so and the Colonel who's new to the bass guitar and only played Country and Western was now playing Rock as that's what the rest of them play. When they finished their playlist, it turned into a jam/rehearsal session, which was just as much fun.

Then it was all go for packing out and cleaning the house to turn it over. It's my least favourite part of moving being surrounded by chaos and yet so very bored as the packers do everything...then clean, clean, clean. Yesterday, though, it was all over and the house turned back over to the landlord...and best of all, we never have to do this again! Now, I can relax until we leave Germany next Friday (hub's the busy one with out-processing *g*).

ETA: Also, how could I forget to mention my furbaby, Ming? He flew out yesterday to the States and is staying with one of my sisters-in-law until we get over there. Poor thing, with three weeks of chaos and noise, he was quite upset even for a laid-back kitteh like him. I just got a message this morning that he'd arrived in Maryland safe and sound...but I hope he adjusts well to staying with her, and that her two kittehs adjust easily to him as well.
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So two weeks ago Friday was hubby's last day at work in the Air Force (he officially retires in July), which is why I've fallen behind with updates...again. I'm just not used to having him around the house all the time. As for writing, it's very hard to do when he's around and interrupting me every five seconds.

That said things are speeding up for our move. We've been getting a lot of stuff sorted out, ready for the movers to come at the end of the month and setting up all the necessary stuff like shipping the cat and car, as well as getting the other one ready to sell.

But as the Subject line states, from next week it's really going to get busy and I'll be lucky to be around online at all as his sisters are arriving on Monday and we are all down at Garmisch for the week. Fortunately, though, before that hubby is away down in Munich for the weekend for the Strong Beer Fest with 12 other middle-aged guys, and I get to enjoy this weekend to myself. Just what the introverted me needs!
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...as promised! (I will get into the habit of this again!)

I'm trying to enjoy the quiet before the storm of hubby's retirement and moving, but although things have got to get really busy yet, it's not proving to be the quiet that I hoped for.

Last weekend, hubby and I went to Luxembourg City, which is only about 40 mins from home. We'd never been to the city centre, only to the cinema on the outskirts, and had heard that it was a lovely city. Now, whether it was the freezing temperatures, the snow, or the fact that signs for parking garages mysteriously disappeared once you got to the centre, we ended up less than enamoured by it. We did end up parking by the Casemates...parts of the ancient fortress of the city... but we weren't going to hike down into the valley and have a wander as it was just too cold and icy. It looked quite beautiful, and I'm sure is a very lovely spot in nice weather.

In the end we decided to head back to the outskirts and have a late lunch at the shopping mall (or what passes for a mall in Europe) and then over to the cinema where we saw Django Unchained. I know there has been mixed reviews on the film, and maybe it's because I love Tarantino (and Christoph Waltz) but I thought it was one of his best. Me and hubby had a great time watching it and discussing it after...which is something he rarely wants to do after seeing a film.

This week we're trying to get things organized for the move. He's sorting out the basement and I'm doing data entry...inputting all our DVDs, CDs, and books into a database so we know if any go 'missing' when we move (because that wouldn't be the first time). I've also got to scan a bunch of old photos of hubby...the embarrassing ones...so they can make a slideshow to show at his retirement.

I also want to get back in to my Roman blog, but yeah, that may still have to be on hold for the foreseeable.

Ahhh...I'm so looking forward to going to England next week!!
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Well, as some of you on Facebook may have seen, I'm in Germany and have been for about two weeks. Not that I've had much time at all to spend a lot of time on the Internet. Yesterday, we moved into our house, but it might take until Friday (or later) for the DSL to be connected. So at the moment, I'm snagging free wi-fi at different places on base...which is also a pain in the ass, as we only have one car at the moment, and I can't wait until hubby gets off his butt and calls about two potential used cars we've seen for sale.

In the meantime, I'm trying to catch up on reading flists -- although I've tried to keep up when I have been able to get on line -- but if there's anything people want me to see/read/whatever, post a link and I'll get there.

I'm also setting up journals over at Insane Journal, and will be RPing over there quite a bit...although I will be keeping, and probably crossposting to and from, my main LJ journals. Many of my 'lesser' pup journals, however, will be transferring fully to IJ to take advantage of the increased user icons for free accounts.

If anyone wants to know my new address and/or phone number, leave a comment...which will be screened. :D

I do have a few emails to reply to, and I'm sorry to those people that I've taken so long to do so, but I will in the next few days.

Now to get my writing mojo back...as with being in transit and with no time to myself for over a month, the pups have for the most part been quiet. I have ideas, just not the inclination to write them down.
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Just a quick post to let everyone know I'm still around, kind of. Most of our stuff got packed up today, and we only have the stuff that's going into storage to be packed now. We're staying down in a hotel in a nearby town, that thankfully has free wi-fi, but I'm not sure often I'll get online even then *sigh* as I have to compete with a teenage gamer son!

Will check in when I can....still have to clean the house to turn it over to the property management company on Friday.
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I'm just adding this from the last post as comments are screened here.

I will be updating through Twitter and Facebook while I'm moving, as I can do that from my phone, and that will, at times, be easier than by computer.

My Twitter is quite obvious @simplyjaye.

If you wish to friend me on Facebook, email me, or would like my cell number (for texts only and only while in the States), please leave a comment, and I'll give that information. :D
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As most of you know, I am moving back to Germany over the next month or so. What this means RP-wise is very limited availability to pretty much none during the actual move.

Tomorrow my husband comes back from where he was at for a year, and we are going to be busy getting the house ready as in getting our stuff ready to pack into three separate shipments and cleaning the house to hand back to the property management company.

The actual packing will be from March 19 through 25. At that point we will be staying in a hotel, which may or may not have wi-fi access.

From March 29 we will be flying to the east coast on leave and visiting my in-laws, and then we leave for Germany in mid-April.

From the time we get to the in-laws and however long it will be once we get to Germany when I can get reliable internet, it may be as late as early May before I'm online again. And even then I'll be busy with the unpacking.

So, most threads will be on hold...or very, very slow until May. I will try to get to some, but what those are will really depend on where my mood is.

As Manda posted earlier, she will be using my move to shift much of her writing over to other sites. I already have journals for some of my muses elsewhere, so when I am back with any regularity, expect me to shift a lot of my writing over there as well. I will still be on LJ, but on a much smaller basis. Like her, I am tired of all the negativity that exists on LJ and the fact that (again like Manda) I get the feeling from some quarters that I'm the one expected to entertain them, and they don't have to put in an effort. I like give and take in my RP, and right now, there's way to much taking by other people, and I am tired of it. I'm not a performing monkey.

So, I am going with Manda, and those few others, who I know what RPing is really about...a shared experience of creativity.
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And I apologize for spamming flists today. :D

But I thought I should give advance warning to all and apologize in advance if you find me getting snappy, irritable, or just generally bitchy. I am well underway in preparing for our move, and as the hubby is away, all the arrangements are down to me!

I HATE doing this stuff with a passion, and dealing with military bureaucracy, so I will -- if today is anything to go by -- be ready to strangle someone quite happily.

So if I do get, for no apparent reason, testy (shall we say?), you'll probably know why...and you are more than welcome, encouraged even, to point it out to me.

Thanks in advance!

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The beer and wine shipment arrived today!

1,000lbs or over 200 bottles of beer, wine and a few liqueurs shipped all the way from Germany!

Including 4 crates of Köstritzer, Franzi!

Good times!
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Okay, I'm fully aware that I'm not doing much more recently than posting "I'm around/not around" kind of posts..and on the couple of threads I am managing to get to I'm slow due to being limited to public computers. Hopefully, though that will soon be sorted out...so a brief update.

For the next few days (at least through Tuesday) I'll not be around at all. Monday we're moving into our house and it's going to be chaos. Today we're moving the majority of our stuff that we have at our temporary lodging to the house as well as cleaning (the new place). Tomorrow more of the same, plus going over to a friend's for a BBQ. Still haven't set up for Internet *grouches about there being too many choices out there* but, again, hopefully that will soon be resolved in the next few days and I really hope that towards the end of the week everything will be set up.

And then I promise I'll stop with these kind of posts and the muses will be back in force!
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Just signed the agreement and put down the security deposit on a house, so we'll be able to move in once our furniture has arrived (and we're still waiting on any word on that). The house is lovely...bigger than any we've had before by far. It's in a fairly new subdivision, so it's only a couple or so years old...four bedrooms, three baths, and a three-car garage, plus it comes with all appliances, and even a BBQ plumbed into the house It's about nine miles from base, so not a bad commute. We sign the lease in two weeks, or less (depending on our furniture getting here), but at least this let us get my youngest registered for school, which he starts tomorrow, much to his chagrin.

Now, to get a move in date so that I can get all the necessities set up like high-speed internet and TV...oh, and those other odds and ends like gas and electric. *g*
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We're still househunting, although hopefully we're coming near the end of that. We saw a lovely house yesterday (and HUGE!!), which would be perfect except that the back yard was completely dead except for the weeds....and we'd like at least something, even just grass. We'd be prepared to do-it-ourselves as long as the landlord compensated us in some fashion. So we shall see. It has been available for sometime and the property management company listing it, says that's the problem people have had with it. Going to see another house later today too...and there maybe another coming free (if the people don't come up with the deposit, but I'm not holding my breath on that one).

In other news, at least our BMW has arrived in Oakland, and we go to pick that up on Monday. So we'll have two vehicles as we're going to keep a hold of the one we're borrowing for a little while.

Other than that, life is quite boring with not a whole lot to do in between things and with stuff just hanging in limbo. Dish satellite sucks, so we won't be getting that. For a time we were getting BBC America, but now it's gone...just in time for Torchwood's premiere! So that's makes me not a happy camper. :P
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Made it!!

Got into California yesterday and almost died stepping outside. It's so easy to forget just how hot 100+F is! It's FRELLING HOT here!!

So, next task is to find a house and wait for the furniture to arrive, then life can return to what passes for normal. At the library's computer lab right now, and hopefully I'll be able to check fairly regularly, although there's a time limit.

Thanks to everyone who sent emails and comments!! I know I haven't replied, and I will, but I just wanted you all to know that your thoughts and kind wishes are very gratefully received...and I've been thinking about you lots during my exile.

Just a little more patience, and I'll slowly work my way through my inbox.


PS....now Gmail is having fits. *grrrr*
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Just a quick post to say that in a couple of hours I'll be out of a wet and miserable Germany. Just hanging out at the USO at Ramstein AB until our plane leaves.

It's going to be a very long day...seeing as we had to catch a 6am shuttle from another base as they screwed up our hotel reservation here so put us at another base. This trip is not proving to be the easy one we had hoped that it would because, also, as hubby is a Chief now we should be able to get business class, even had the seat reservations. But when we checked in, the clerk put us in different (further back) rows...probably because they originally had him down as a E-8 instead of E-9, but he changed it.

Of course hubby didn't say anything and I didn't notice it on the ticket until too late to do anything. Usually I don't ask for anything, but there are too few perks in life, and as this was one we should be entitled to after so long, I'm not very happy about it. Hurrumph!

'See' ya'll when I get to sunny! CA
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Back online. There was a temporary hiccup getting back online as the router forgot how to connect back to the internet, but a super knowledgeable friend managed to sort it out, so I'm back. In a nearly empty house, but at least we have chairs now...nearly three days of just one chair between four people is not fun.

Now, to just hope we see all our furniture arrive safe and well in CA in a couple of months.
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A couple of people have asked me, so I decided to put up a schedule of what's happening when as regards to my move...so here goes.

17-19 July....Main shipment gets packed. Will be offline as computer will be disconnected.
20-21 July....[livejournal.com profile] franzi1981 is visiting! Will be slow
1-8 August....Going to England. No computer, but I should be able to get to a Net cafe a few/several times
8 August....Back, but no computer as other shipment will have gone. Will try and get to library, but we'll only have one car.
20 August...Final day in house
22 August...Fly out from Ramstein to Baltimore
22-29 August....A week at the in-laws *groan* No computer access expected
29 August...Arrive in Sacramento. We have plans to borrow a friend's car, so hopefully I'll be able to get to the base library/internet to check for until we get a house.

Sometime in September...find a house, get furniture delivered, get settled in.


Jul. 12th, 2007 08:38 am
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House is a mess! Stuff everywhere! But at least all the pictures, etc on the walls are down. Just no room anywhere!

I HATE moving!
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There's been a small change in our move. Instead of having to rush to leave by early July, we're not leaving until late August (which is when we *should* be leaving). This is good, because July was stressing me out. Plus, I get to have an extra trip back to England, and *hopefully* a quick trip down to Rome.


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