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Nov. 29th, 2010 03:58 pm
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As if I didn't adore Gabourey already...the girl has TASTE!

If that doesn't work, Here's the direct link
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So when my mum was here, I did get to catch up on some DVD viewing, and one we watched was "PS I Love You". I hadn't yet watched the deleted scenes, so I checked them out...and this was one of them. How much more can I adore Gerry (and Gerry!). *g*

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...except to say, Mr. Fry is absolutely wonderful, thoughtful, and articulate.

The Intelligence² Debate - Stephen Fry (Unedited)
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Manda posted this one, and I loved it so much I had to post it over here, so I don't lose track of it!

Turn the heat down! )
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I am SOOOO looking forward to this opening next week. Gerry is going to be an awesome bad guy...I'm getting the feeling it will be his closest character to Hsu.

ETA: And some lovely pics from the premiere last night. Check out the one of him goofing with the camera!
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Now I have your attention, the official trailer for Law Abiding Citizen...

...which does, in fact, include a naked Gerry. *yum*

This looks as cool, if not cooler than Gamer!
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[ profile] fannyfae reminded me of the joys of a place I used to live. It was the first city I lived in when I came to the US. And believe me, it's a wonder I ever wanted to stay after living there for nearly three years. Only one good thing came out of there, and that was my oldest son.

My "tribute" to Lubbock, Texas..

Lubbock or Leave It by The Dixie Chicks (I love the last verse! So true.)

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A song which sings the praises *ahem* of the London Underground. Explicit lyrics...NSFW!

London Underground Song by Adam Kay and Suman Biswas

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Just, and as I've skipped a couple of weeks, here's a reintroduction to...

This Is Ska by Bad Manners

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The observation

I watched the mini-series "John Adams" before I got into and started RP around "Shoot 'Em UP", so how is it that when I see a clip of Paul Giamatti as John Adams now, my brain automatically thinks..."WTF is Hertz wearing a silly wig for?"

The movie review

Death Race. Okay, there was one reason and one reason alone for watching this...and that was the fact that Jason Statham and Tyrese Gibson are both in it! Andy and Marcus together! It's a brainless action/prison/car movie with only slightly more plot than the aforementioned "Shoot 'Em Up" but it's a good ride. The premise is that the U.S. economy has tanked, mass unemployment (hmmm....) and prisons are run by corporations. In order to distract the masses, a la the Roman bread and circuses, the prisons put on shows to pull in viewers and money. One such event is "Death Race" a brutal and deadly three stage car race...where convicts can win their freedom after winning five races.

Of course that is all a lie. Jensen Ames (Statham), a former racing driver, is framed for the murder of his wife so that the prison warden can boost their rating since the fans' favourite has been killed. If he takes the driver's place and win one race, he will be released. What happens next is that Ames discovers who killed his wife, screws over the warden, and teams up with rival driver, Machine Gun Joe (Gibson) to escape. A mindless hour and forty five minutes, but good, if you treat it as exactly what it says on the label.

My only real quibble with it is that nowhere near enough scenes with Jason and Tyrese together, nor enough shots with them in the same frame.

The picspam )
Music Monday

This is from Caspian himself....or rather Marcus Testory and his band "Chamber". "The Truth About Snow White." Brilliant....and the vid goes really well.

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This is of interest to possibly only me here, but this song cracks me up. The hubby is a Crew Chief (aircraft maintainer) by trade, and from hearing his stories, this song just about sums up fighter pilots. The group consists of two active duty F-16 pilots.

Lyrics NSFW

Edit: And a little translation from Air Force speak.

Code 3....Airplane comes back broken and is grounded until fixed. (Not sure what a Code 2 is, but I think not as broken as Code 3)

FOD...Foreign Object Damage. Anything that's in a place it's not supposed to be and can cause damage. In a cockpit, that can be trash, bolts, screws, anything that can move around and damage equipment.

ECM pod...Electronic Counter Measures. Chaff, flares that are used to throw off incoming missiles.
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From one of my favourite bands, my favouritist song EVA!! (And to celebrate that I've just found out they're doing a reunion tour!)

An extra bit of trivia *g* This video was directed Russell Mulcahy who also directed the original Highlander movie.

Edit: Found a much better quality version and in stereo. :)
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This is a cover of Ginuwine's "Hot Little Pony" by local Sacramento band, Far. IMO, it is immensely better than the original.

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[ profile] omgwtf_dfw who started it by posting YouTube links to Up Pompeii.*g* I have spent most of the day watching those, other clips of Frankie Howerd, and I just had to click the side bar where there was a Dave Allen clip...and then more Dave Allen clips.

Yeah, it's been a very productive day!

For those who don't know Dave Allen was (died in 2005) a brilliant Irish comedian, whose forté was observational comedy. So very insightful, and extremely funny whether talking about teaching a child to tell time, quitting smoking, condoms, or of course, religion.

Just a couple of examples )

Goodnight and may your God, if you have one, go with you.
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So yesterday at work, I got bitched at for wanting to take my lunch at 12 (note wanting...I'd only asked as I'd been there four hours and I was hungry, dammit). Apparently it's store policy that no one (except for managers and supervisors, of course) to take their lunch between 11 and 1.

Why, you may ask?

Because it is the active duty lunch period then, and they want all available associates on the floor. This would be a splendid idea if...ya know...we were actually ever frelling busy then and were inundated with customers, but tiny base population....and a BX with nothing a customer wants or needs and everything he or she doesn't...does not make busy.

In other news....after talking with Manda over the fun idea of an ancient immie...and by that I mean a decrepit old git like one of these two. I got surfing YouTube for Harry Enfield clips. Totally forgot how much I loved his characters.

Here's a good example of a handful of them

Smashie and Nicey...the DJs
The Old Gits
Wayne and Waynetta Slob
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Cassie's seduction is complete.

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For those who might be curious about the fallen angel that I've become so taken with, a clip from Ep 104 of HEX between Azazeal and Cassie.

And I just love the therapy line. *g*

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Like the other one, not mine, just found it.
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Gerry makes such a great interviewer, especially with the burp!

I'll post Zack's interview of Gerry later.


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