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...and still got another day before I get a day off...and that day off coincides with Jury Duty. What fun!

So, I'm relaxing with a bottle of sweet Mosel wine, so if my typing seems to deteriorate, you'll know why. :D

Work did get a little interesting today, when a baby rattlesnake was found under the garbage can in our break room. Never seen a rattler in the 'wild' before. I was there when the custodian found it, and kept an eye on it while he got my manager. It was all curled up, and until I saw it flick its tongue we wondered if it was dead. So my manager got a box and a stick and gave it a little poke, and I even saw it go to strike (cool!)...it was too young to have its rattle. So, anyway, they called the base pest control who came out and caught it to set it free in the fields on base.

But it was neat to find a rattlesnake and see it close up. I usually miss such excitement. Yes, I like snakes it's spiders that freak me out.
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First, I had a lovely trip to Washington. There was only one problem, with only two full days there, it really wasn't long enough, but we visited Mt. Rainier and Mt. St. Helens on one day, and then went into Seattle on the other, including lunch at the Space Needle. We also went to the Sci-fi museum, which was really cool. The aquarium was nice, but really not worth the admission price, and we could have spent more time at Pike Place market, but the son was full-on whining by that time. Then Saturday...just before we left...it rained!! It felt so good. *g*

Since then, I've been working, which has sucked.

But that does bring me to that in the Subject line. Yesterday, as I was going around the store, I happened to glimpse a customer's tattoo as he passed me by. It was only a quick glimpse, but I swore it was a Watcher tattoo...so I followed him for a little way and managed to get a better look at it. Indeed, there on his forearm, in the middle of a cross was the Watcher symbol. No, I didn't say anything to him...quite frankly I was too stunned, and he was on his way out of the store by then. But it made my day...although certain muses were snarling in my head for the rest of the day.
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So yesterday at work, I got bitched at for wanting to take my lunch at 12 (note wanting...I'd only asked as I'd been there four hours and I was hungry, dammit). Apparently it's store policy that no one (except for managers and supervisors, of course) to take their lunch between 11 and 1.

Why, you may ask?

Because it is the active duty lunch period then, and they want all available associates on the floor. This would be a splendid idea if...ya know...we were actually ever frelling busy then and were inundated with customers, but tiny base population....and a BX with nothing a customer wants or needs and everything he or she doesn't...does not make busy.

In other news....after talking with Manda over the fun idea of an ancient immie...and by that I mean a decrepit old git like one of these two. I got surfing YouTube for Harry Enfield clips. Totally forgot how much I loved his characters.

Here's a good example of a handful of them

Smashie and Nicey...the DJs
The Old Gits
Wayne and Waynetta Slob

RL Update

May. 22nd, 2008 08:44 am
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Life's going to be getting busy for me. This weekend, being a four-dayer for the hubby, I won't be around much as per normal weekends (although perhaps Sunday...maybe). I won't be around much today either as I'm going into Sacramento with a friend for lunch and to see Phantom of the Opera ...on stage, which I'm so looking forward to!

And I have a job...both a curse and a blessing. It's not much of one, but hey, it pays. But it does mean that it will severely impact my online time...and at least until I settle into my schedule (whatever that will be), I'm likely to be really slow with things.
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What a day it has been!

First had to make arrangements for #1 Son's car to get towed as it broke down (again!) yesterday...luckily on base at the BX parking lot, and need to get it fixed again. Then spent a lovely most of the day driving said son around town jobhunting, stopping at all the major stores, etc so that he can pick up applications. Jobhunting for one sucks....jobhunting for two sucks even more.

And really, I want him to get some sort of job before I get one, just so I know he's got one and not pissing about all day doing nothing.

And that brings me to what I'm going to do. Still not a fricking clue. An office job would be ideal. Nothing too stressful, in the local area...but there's really nothing out there, unless you're bilingual...which I'm not. I've got a few more places to try, staffing agencies, and I'll see how they go. Anyway, it's getting to the point that I'm considering teaching, perhaps starting off as a sub. Two friends, and a friend's daughter, here are teachers in the area so it's not like I don't have connections or someone to go to. All I would need to get would be my teaching certificate. I can also get a grant to pay for the certification through "spouses to teachers" program for military dependents, so that's not a problem either....but I really don't know that's what I want or if I have the patience to deal with a bunch of 12-14 year olds (the age group I'm considering).

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Okay, it's true that small things amuse...well you know the rest.

After three weeks of work I finally got my timecard (until now I'd had to fill out one and chase down a manager to have it signed at the end of my shift), it's electronic, just swipe the card and you clock on and off. And it may be a really common system, but not to me. Printed in big letters on the front of my timecard is...


*giggle* *snort*

I just had to share.

As for work, why I haven't posted about it is because there's not much to post. I go to work spend 6+ hours straightening/picking up clothes and hangers and putting new stock out. Really exciting stuff. And I don't even have any stories that would fit [livejournal.com profile] customers_suck as most are quite polite, but that's the military for you. Tell 'em something and they accept it. Plus AAFES is AAFES and overseas you accept you're stuck when it comes to choice, etc.

But KRONOS!!! *chuckle*

Now off to see MI:3.
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I had an interview on Tuesday and have just found out that I have a job. It's not a great job (retail) or great money, but it's better than nothing. And for a time I've been feeling that I need to do something to get some money of my own and to get me get me out of the house.

I'm going to be working at the BX in their clothing department (for you non-military types that's the Base Exchange, a department store on Air Force bases). I've never done anything like this before, never worked in retail, so it's going to be a whole new experience. One I'm both looking forward to and dreading. I also swore years ago that I would never work for AAFES (the company that operates the BX and several other military stores and facilities), but they are pretty much the only outlet for employment over here.

It's a temporary/parttime job, but the HR person seemed pretty confident that it will turn permanent in a few months. We'll see...I may like the fact that it's only temp. *g*


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