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A little late in keeping up with my attempt to post weekly, but I hope it's going to be worth it. Monday, I just got back from my trip to England and a holiday with my bestie, [livejournal.com profile] gmnoonie. I did slip in a quick post of our very fun Just Jhoom class at CenterParcs, and we also enjoyed two very wonderful sessions at the sauna on site. Unfortunately, we were in the land of Internetless...and even 3G-less...which was frustrating. We did escape CenterParcs and took a day trip into Bath, meeting up with Noonie's daughter and daughter's friend for afternoon tea at the pump rooms. I may later post some pics of Bath, mainly of the Roman Baths.

But when we left CenterParcs on the Friday, we headed to Cardiff. Not only is that where Noonie's daughter is at Uni, but of course, it is the home of Doctor Who and Torchwood! And we couldn't be there and not go to the Doctor Who Experience! Actually, that was one of the main purposes of the trip. *g* (My apologies for the poor quality of some of the photos, I was using my tablet, which doesn't have the best camera and no flash :( ).

Pics of our Experience, and fully geeking out, under the cut )

Such a pity I no longer have my Doctor Who icons loaded. Fixed that!
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It seems that I do despite not posting to it (aside from icontests) for a loooooong time. So, although I'm not one for resolutions, I'm going to endeavour to try and update regularly, probably with mostly meaningless (to everyone else) stuff from my life.

I am debating with myself whether to mirror what I post here to my Dreamwidth Journal, but for the foreseeable future, I'm not leaving Live Journal. I'm still roleplaying, for those of you who might have thought I've fallen off the RP world, but most of it is now over at Insane Journal (100 free icons, FTW!), with some at DW and here at LJ, and I'm trying to get a couple of inactive pups active again...so we'll see how that goes.

Rambling, possibly quite boring summation of last year )

More rambling, just as boring list of what I'm looking forward to in 2012 )

It's going to be a busy year!
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Well, I've been back...nearly a week, and I'm getting ready for my oldest son to pay me a visit as well as the hubby returning from that unpleasant place that he's been for six months. So, I thought I'd share some of my holiday pics and bore you all (especially if you've already seen them on my FB)! *g*

Edinburgh to Bedfordshire. Lots of pics. )
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Arrived safe and sound in Edinburgh yesterday. Had a great view of the Forth Bridge as the plane came into land, which was cool as, sadly, Edinburgh is pretty much all I'll get to do of Scotland on this visit...schedule is way too packed for anything else.

Seeing as by the time we got done with the airport and picked up the rental car, it was pushing mid afternoon, so we are doing the city centre today. Instead we found a cinema and watched X-Men: First Class. Brilliant! Okay, I knew Michael Fassbender would be great as Erik Lensherr/Magneto but he was even better than that! That man can do intensity, or what. Sure, there were some corny/stretching the suspension of disbelief moments (a hovering SR-71, wtf?), but nowhere near enough to spoil the rest. And there is a great cameo appearance in there as well!
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Tomorrow I'm heading out to the UK again. This time, first stop is Edinburgh...where I'll hopefully meet up with the lovely [livejournal.com profile] phantomas. Then I shall meander down into northern England, stopping at Vindolanda Roman Fort along Hadrian's Wall and then the Lake District. Then a stop off to let the kid blow off steam at Blackpool's Pleasure Beach (cheesy but hopefully fun) before we head to Yorkshire, then down south to 'home' and a visit to Mum's and a family wedding.

Two weeks in all, and I'll try to check in if the wi-fi fees aren't too outrageous.
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I've put up some photos on Facebook, but these ones (mostly) have more muse-y leanings

Not big pics, but probably not too dialup friendly...however work/kid safe )

Back Home!

Aug. 10th, 2009 09:21 am
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Well, I have been for a couple of days now, and I'm still exhausted. Jetlag is a bitch. Funnily enough, going there I really didn't get jetlag at all. After a day I was fine. Coming back though, I am just dragging and right now trying to find the motivation to clean the house and also get a tyre fixed on the Beemer as eldest is using my Mini right now.

Possibly not helping the jetlag situation is that I'm thoroughly knackered from a month in England where we really didn't stop for a moment. But I had a great time, even if the weather was iffy to say the least...although it was a lovely break from the 100+ temps I've come home to. I think that in the entire month we had maybe two or three days where it didn't rain.

A lot of waffle of the 'What I did on my summer holiday' variety )

So it was busy and non-stop. I will post some pics soon! Other than food that I brought back with me I seemed to have increased my book collection by quite a bit too. Very strange :D

And all in all...I've missed you all!! *hugs* And while I did have a great time, it's good to be home again and to relax!
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We (me, hubby & the kid) are spending a few days in Chester, in north-west England, and the hotel fortunately has wi-fi. Last night we went to Wrexham and saw Adrian Edmondson (of Young Ones fame) perform with his band The Bad Shepherds, there unique brand of punk/folk music. Ade himself plays the thrash mandolin. It was very, very good. Especially the two on the fiddle and bagpipes.

The support band was...not so good. A local band, who I think will stay very local.

Today, we're off around Chester, and from what I've seen already, it's a lovely city. Plenty of old buildings and the medieval city wall. Of course, it was a Roman fort by the name of Deva...where Mark was primarily assigned when he was cursed...so I expect to hear a lot from the muses. *g*

Okay, must dash...again...and get a shower. Miss you all.

And Manda...thank you *massive hugs* I appreciate you tons, too!
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From this side of the Pond.

No wireless access at my mum's house, so I'm having to log on at the library, and only for a short time, so I'm not able to check in as much as I'd like. Still, having a great time. Off on a shopping trip today, and yesterday went and visited St. Albans and the Roman city of Verulamuim, which I haven't seen since a field trip in middle school. Much fun was had, especially with certain muses giving me a running commentary on things.

Hubby arrives here tomorrow, so will be even busier ;)

Okay, must dash....to catch the bus.
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Off to Blighty tomorrow for a month! Heading to bed early as I must get up at an ungodly hour to catch flight.

Taking the laptop, so I hope to get a chance or two to see what everyone's been up to, but have fun...I will be. *g*

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x-posted to [livejournal.com profile] civ_barbarian

First I want to apologize to all those reps I haven't managed to get to in a while. RL has been busy and my writing mojo's been a little off as it is. And it's going to get worse.

Next week, I'm flying home to England for a month to visit family, visit places, and generally have a good time. I will be taking my laptop, but while I might be able to sneak on and do a few reps, especially in the first week, I'll be very slow, so I wouldn't count on anything really (and if I do, treat it like a great surprise! *g*). I may have more luck with short, meta type threads as they don't require as much to get in the mindset.

That said, this week will be slow as well, as my focus will be making sure I've got everything done I need to get done before I leave. That, and worrying about my 20 year old, who will be house sitting while I'm gone. What tags I want to get to this week, and are the priority, will be focused on the two main SLs: Danny's wedding and Hsu's sickness, plus Mark and Alexa's current problem. As I really want them to get to certain points before I leave them for a month.

I apologize to all those I have threads with that are currently dangling, and I promise I will get to them once I have time again.

*hugs and love to you all*
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First, I had a lovely trip to Washington. There was only one problem, with only two full days there, it really wasn't long enough, but we visited Mt. Rainier and Mt. St. Helens on one day, and then went into Seattle on the other, including lunch at the Space Needle. We also went to the Sci-fi museum, which was really cool. The aquarium was nice, but really not worth the admission price, and we could have spent more time at Pike Place market, but the son was full-on whining by that time. Then Saturday...just before we left...it rained!! It felt so good. *g*

Since then, I've been working, which has sucked.

But that does bring me to that in the Subject line. Yesterday, as I was going around the store, I happened to glimpse a customer's tattoo as he passed me by. It was only a quick glimpse, but I swore it was a Watcher tattoo...so I followed him for a little way and managed to get a better look at it. Indeed, there on his forearm, in the middle of a cross was the Watcher symbol. No, I didn't say anything to him...quite frankly I was too stunned, and he was on his way out of the store by then. But it made my day...although certain muses were snarling in my head for the rest of the day.
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Going up to Washington state for four days with the family. Highly unlikely that I'll get to do any tags, see you all again after the weekend!
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Just a quick wave to everyone from down in Garmisch. While the family is off skiing/snowboarding, I've found an Internet Cafe with pretty reasonable rates. Which is pretty good considering how long it's taking me to type this out because of the German keyboard. *g*

Not much snow down here at all, just some on the slopes, but seeing as last time I was down here in winter there was a meter plus, it's quite bad. Still it's cold. -7°C this morning, although it's supposed to warm up. Will have another day to myself tomorrow, but over the weekend we're going to do some sightseeing and on Monday there's the ski jumping competition (part of the world championships= that we're going to watch.


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