May. 25th, 2010 01:11 pm
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I don't bloody believe it!!

It seems that I just might, and I emphasize might, have phone/internet/proper cable set up on June 1! Only a month and a half after we moved in....nothing like speedy service.

I'm also fainting from shock...but I won't. I'll reserve that for when it actually happens!
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So for the good. I went and had a good work out this morning. 35 minute walk with a little bit of running mixed in (Go me!) and then weights. After coming back home for shower, I then went and saw Star Trek for a second time, by myself. It was the earliest showing, nice and quiet I thought to myself. There were maybe twenty people there, so why did one couple choose to sit right behind me, when their entire row was free? Not just that, but god knows what they were doing with their popcorn supersize bucket, bowling with it from the sound of it. Then there was the couple with their elderly parent(?) who settled in a couple of rows in front...fine. But then not more than ten minutes into the movie, they decide to move back two rows to mine and just a few seats down, and then the old biddy was asking for a running commentary throughout. It wasn't as if their original row was worse than mine, probably better. Well, at least no one's phone went off, so I should be thankful for small mercies.

And anyway, the main thing was that I enjoyed ST as much this time as I did the first time. Probably the best big screen movie I've seen since '300'. And I'm not even much of a Trekkie/Trekker.

So, I get home, and the TV doesn't work. WTF? It comes on for about 3 seconds and switches off again as if it's on the sleep timer...but it's not, and I can't disable that either. Oh well, telly is about 10 years old, and the picture quality has been getting noticeably worse, so I guess it's time for a new one. Great. At least it might give me a chance to catch up on my DVD watching.

And anyone getting notifs? I haven't had any since last just wondering.
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At the dentist this morning with the youngest son, and the dentist learns from him that we'll be going to England this summer for a visit. The dentist tells him, "Well, and you'll appreciate Yuba City more when you get back."

WUT!? I wish I had been in there with him to tell him just how wrong he was. I mean, I can understand someone saying about appreciating the States more, or even California. I wouldn't necessarily agree with them, but I could understand it. But Yuba City!!! It is a hole. One of the poorest areas in CA (two of the others neighbour it). And just a nothing city.

And no, son said he wasn't being ironic (and yes, he picks up on such things).
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My high school, Northfields Upper School that at some point after I left became Northfields Technology College (but still a high school), is closing this August after 73 years.

It will reopen under a new admninistration, new funding, and a totally new name, All Saints Academy. WTF name is that? It's government funded, not parochial. They will also be tearing down some (if not all?) of the buildings...including one that dates back to the start of the school.

It is the passing of an era for me. While not my favourite place to be at the tine, I was fortunate enough to be there during the period that Northfields was undoubtedly the best high school in the district (out of 4). People in other zones fought to have their children go to there, including my own parents, and I was lucky enough to get a place. We had a nationally acclaimed school band (which I was not a part of). The period before and after I left, Northfields was the rough school (although I believe when it became a Technology College, it again improved), but those few years were a highlight in its history.

It is indeed a sad moment.
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There is a case being appealed to the Supreme Court which claims that Barack Obama is not eligible to be President as because his father was Kenyan, Obama is therefore not a natural born US citizen, even though he was born on US soil.

Fortunately, it seems likely (from the report that I heard) that the Supreme Court will decide not to hear this case, but it still makes me angry. (And it is only one of several similar cases, all of which have been tossed out of lower courts, thankfully.

Saying that is like saying that my children, both born in the US, are not natural born US citizens because I was born in Britain. Well, they are most undoubtedly and assuredly are and always have been. I find this case to be a great insult to them as much as Obama.

The nerve of some people. Oh, how I would like to meet this guy and set him right.
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Busy getting the house tidy as we're having friends over for dinner later.

Yesterday the hubby and I drove down to Laguna Seca raceway to watch some motor racing (yay for in for free!). It was really fun...not to hot thanks to the onshore breeze, and we did one of the listed "Things to do before you die" things....sit at the Corkscrew (probably the most thrilling 2 corners in motor racing...a sudden turn and steep downhill which corkscrews around). Anyhow, we're wandering around the paddock, and I see one driver that kind of looked familar, but not enough that I could say that's so-and-so. Later as I'm looking through the program I see his face was actor Patrick Dempsey. I don't watch "Grey's Anatomy" and have really only just seen pictures of him about, so I'm not a fan...but still cool. Don't know if/where he finished in the race, as I hadn't taken note of his number at that point...except he didn't win or place.

Speaking of cool (rather or not) WTF with being 100F AGAIN today here? It's frelling May!


Oct. 7th, 2007 09:34 pm
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Just a quick note, I won't be around at all tomorrow, either as I have to fly down to the LA area to pick up...

My Mini!!! )

...and it's a 7 or so hour drive back up whatever time I get back, I'm going to be knackered. And, so far that's pretty much all I've seen of my car before it left Germany.

Also, for those with any interest at all...

My new house )
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Sis-in-law went home today, and life can return for what passes for normal at least for a couple of weeks. That said, just to let folks know that I won't be fully back until Monday, when I can have a little peace and quiet around the house. So I won't really get around to hitting tags or replying to emails until then. I have been home this past week, but playing tour guide for most of it, with only very short periods to grab online.

Thanks to you all for being so patient with me, seeing as I haven't really been around for almost a month, and I've been missing you with the pups driving me crazy with enforced silence.
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1. Only 4 more days of work and then no more bloody AAFES!!

2. I'm pouring a lot of my time and attention into the two classes I'm taking, and both are quite heavy loads (17-18thC Brit Lit and Modern World Drama), but on the very good side...once these are done, I'm finished and will be graduating in May! [ profile] franzi1981 the graduation's in Heidelberg, end of May...perhaps we can hook up then?

3. After some consideration, I'm going to be slowly getting rid of my website, Many Paths as I haven't updated in years and really, why should I pay for something I'm not using. Instead, I'm going to open up a community on LJ to keep most of that same content on...and let others contribute if they want. The website is basically a fansite for GB, SB, and VP with reviews of many of their films, some of my fanfic.

4. As back in January, I mentioned that I was considering dropping [ profile] erik_og from TM. Well, I just got a warning from the mod because he hadn't posted. Actually it was his second warning, and if I felt like it, I would protest the first warning was a mistake as Erik had posted within the time it is, I don't really care seeing as on the verge of dropping him.

5. And I have another wannabe pup tickling my brain...and I so shouldn't have encouraged [ profile] diamond9697 because it's making it harder to justify why I shouldn't bring this one in. :D

And...only 4 more days!!!


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