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A sexy, tall, dark, goofy Scotsman in a kilt...with his mum!

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Here's some really cute pics of Gerard Butler from a Law Abiding Citizen press conference.

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This is so sweet!

From GB.net:
Gerard Butler spends the day with the child stars of the Oscar-winning film Slumdog Millionaire in India on Saturday (May 2).

The five-star hotel festivities were all courtesy of the 39-year-old Scottish stud. How sweet!

Azhar Ismail (youngest Salim) and Rubiana Ali (youngest Latika) first met Gerard at the Oscars in February 2009.

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And a GIP, found this icon and couldn't resist! *lol*
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Based on Anton Chekov's play, The Cherry Orchard has lovely cinematography and is a sedate drama. Now, I've never seen nor read the play before watching this, so I don't know what's been changed or how well it compares, but I found it passably good. Good enough to make me not want to fast forward to all the Gerry bits. It's another early Gerry part, and he plays Yasha, a valet to a broke-but-still-living-like-she's-not Russian noble. He's cocky, cynical, easily amused, chauvinistic, rogue. It's not a large part, but Yasha's role is really to explain things to the audience that are not made clear by the other characters. He is easily the most charming of the cast...although they all put in solid performances, especially Charlotte Rampling, Owen Teale and Michael Gough, but there is really no one who is likable.

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Edit: Because [livejournal.com profile] celticdreamz just reminded me. He is credited as Gerald Butler!! You think they could have checked.
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From "Playing God" episode of "An Unsuitable Job for a Woman" which was an okay private detective show of typical UK murder-mystery fair, circa 1997.

A short role, he's only in the first 10-15 minutes, as he's the corpse. But he looks so young and fresh faced...even if he is a bit on the shady side. :D

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Just two of the reasons why I adore GB...

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Oh what the hell, lots seem to be in a picspam mood, that I am now!

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Here's my first batch of screen caps from Fast Food.

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Been laid low by a cold for the past couple of days...but this is making me feel better!

More scans from Men's Health
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I didn't make these, but there are some fantastic screen caps from the "300" trailer over HERE

Is it next summer yet?

I haven't looked forward to a film this much since...since..well POTO. *g*


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