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I am so fucking pissed off right now! Some arsehole backed into my parked Mini while I was on base. Driver's door is all fucked up...window won't come down. Insurance should cover it, but fuck...my 'baby' is damaged. All that time worrying about eldest dinging it while in England...and some arse doesn't bother to look when he's fucking backing up and bang. Sorry about the language, but yeah....fucking angry right now.

ETA: Heard from the Insurance Co...everything sorted out there and fixing it should be no problem. Just waiting to hear for an appointment for the appraisal.
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Busy getting the house tidy as we're having friends over for dinner later.

Yesterday the hubby and I drove down to Laguna Seca raceway to watch some motor racing (yay for military...got in for free!). It was really fun...not to hot thanks to the onshore breeze, and we did one of the listed "Things to do before you die" things....sit at the Corkscrew (probably the most thrilling 2 corners in motor racing...a sudden turn and steep downhill which corkscrews around). Anyhow, we're wandering around the paddock, and I see one driver that kind of looked familar, but not enough that I could say that's so-and-so. Later as I'm looking through the program I see his face again...it was actor Patrick Dempsey. I don't watch "Grey's Anatomy" and have really only just seen pictures of him about, so I'm not a fan...but still cool. Don't know if/where he finished in the race, as I hadn't taken note of his number at that point...except he didn't win or place.

Speaking of cool (rather or not)....weather WTF with being 100F AGAIN today here? It's frelling May!
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What a day it has been!

First had to make arrangements for #1 Son's car to get towed as it broke down (again!) yesterday...luckily on base at the BX parking lot, and need to get it fixed again. Then spent a lovely most of the day driving said son around town jobhunting, stopping at all the major stores, etc so that he can pick up applications. Jobhunting for one sucks....jobhunting for two sucks even more.

And really, I want him to get some sort of job before I get one, just so I know he's got one and not pissing about all day doing nothing.

And that brings me to what I'm going to do. Still not a fricking clue. An office job would be ideal. Nothing too stressful, in the local area...but there's really nothing out there, unless you're bilingual...which I'm not. I've got a few more places to try, staffing agencies, and I'll see how they go. Anyway, it's getting to the point that I'm considering teaching, perhaps starting off as a sub. Two friends, and a friend's daughter, here are teachers in the area so it's not like I don't have connections or someone to go to. All I would need to get would be my teaching certificate. I can also get a grant to pay for the certification through "spouses to teachers" program for military dependents, so that's not a problem either....but I really don't know that's what I want or if I have the patience to deal with a bunch of 12-14 year olds (the age group I'm considering).

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...I hear she has plenty. *g* Sorry, Dia I couldn't resist.

And doing a General Update.

Yesterday, I took #1 Son to pick up his car. We found him a 97 Hyundai from the repo lot. It's got a few things wrong with it, most notably it needs a new starter motor and a lock on the passenger's door, but it runs good otherwise. He cleaned it out as soon as we got it home...there was a load of crap in the back, like old clothes and stuff. And once we get it registered, he's going to take it to the Security Forces on base to let one of their sniffer dogs check it for drugs. Yes, this is a service they provide if you buy a used car downtown.

We're having some friends come over for dinner tonight. Luckily we're not doing anything fancy, just BBQ wings and salad. Though I do have to make a trifle for dessert and go out, clean house, and do some grocery shopping.

Tomorrow, I'm going up to Apple Hill again. I had such a fun time there with [livejournal.com profile] ladyofbrileith a few weeks ago that I have to take hubby and hit a few of the orchards.

I'm still full of the squee at Wild West!Gerry!


Hsu is about ready to kill Cody. Figuratively and literally if his mood is anything to go by, so I have to find a way to circumvent that. I do feel bad for the boy she's snogging in the closet, but I'm trying to persuade him the whelp isn't worth the effort of killing. In the future, Hsu is in the Rani's TARDIS attempting to change history and save his children. And at Samhain, K'tanya asked him to kill Wes for her...and he agreed! Cody will have to keep him distracted from that. *g*

Mark, well he's on his way to rescue Alexa in the subway explosion. So that's keeping him busy. In another thread, he's talking with Methos about his curse and how he feels about the HL Immortals, which is a mix of feelings.

My new pup Stelios, has only added to the chaos in my brain. Manda and I just thought he would be excellent as an old friend for Mark and to join their storyline later, and then he pops in as a full blown muse, joining comms and chatting to people. Still working out a lot of his character, but I'm finding him refreshingly unangsty and happy in general. *pets Stelios*

Ath, on the other hand, is very unhappy that I have a Spartan pup. She hates him and is being very bitchy about him, although she acknowledges he is hot. So I have to keep those two separate as well. I will have to post that thread for her date with Fitz and keep her distracted there.

Daemon has perked up, first by being a part of Surreal's and Sam's wedding party and then he got into a conversation with Raoul de Chagny...and is now visiting Erik (not my Erik).

I've also deleted a few journals that really aren't getting used anymore, and probably won't as I have my hands full with this lot.


Oct. 7th, 2007 09:34 pm
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Just a quick note, I won't be around at all tomorrow, either as I have to fly down to the LA area to pick up...

My Mini!!! )

...and it's a 7 or so hour drive back up here...so whatever time I get back, I'm going to be knackered. And, so far that's pretty much all I've seen of my car before it left Germany.

Also, for those with any interest at all...

My new house )
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Okay, so it's just been a few months since we became the proud owners of Till.

So yesterday, hubby and I went back and ordered one of these:

The new addition )
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The new car is so SWEET! It is just fantastic. I've never had a car so technologically advanced. It does SO MUCH!

BMW 328xi picspam )


Nov. 7th, 2006 11:54 am
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Out the door and on the way to pick up..

My New Car!!!

Pics will follow later. *g*

Also, Highlander is on TV! (Yeah, I have the DVDs, but you know how it is) bad part is that it's "Mountain Men"
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It was my birthday this weekend (and thanks to all of you who sent me birthday wishes as I wasn't around to thank you all on time *g*), and my hubby got me an amazing birthday present...having a day's lesson learning to drive a rally car.

It was AWESOME!!! And the fact that in the morning it absolutely poured with rain (plus thunderstorm) didn't dampen it at all...in fact it made it even more fun...except for the fact that no one could see more than about a six-inch square area out of the car because it was so steamed up. It did clear up in the afternoon, but the track was still wet, so lots of opportunity for skids, powerslides, and handbrake turns (and [livejournal.com profile] phantomas it gave me a real Bodie and Doyle buzz *ahem*)

Picspam, plus video )

The next day we went to the Milton Keynes shopping mall for Collectormania 10. Always fun to wander around and see the people and stalls. I did get one autograph from David Wenham (Faramir), although he wasn't doing any posed photos I did get to tell him how much I was looking forward to seeing "300" which he's in alongside Gerry Butler (though I didn't mention that GB was the reason I so looking forward to it :D).

More picspam )
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Our new car... )

Or it will be once it's built. *g* Should have it by November.


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