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Well, hopefully things may settle down for a little while...like a week! The predicted craziness was indeed crazy. Two weeks with my sisters-in-law, two of which had never been out of the US before, and one of those who had never been on a plane before...so they were really touristy...photos of EVERYTHING. Then the youngest came home on his spring break and also my mum.

Hub's retirement went very well indeed, and the effort that went into it, the dinner/roast the night before, the ceremony itself, and then the reception after were awesome. One of the many presentations he received was a gun barrel from an A-10 (7ft long and about 100lbs) which will was made into a corner shelving unit. The ceremony itself was according to protocol and quite emotional for hubs...but swigs of Bitburger helped to fend off the teary moments (his fellow Chiefs had a pool going for when he would blub). And then came the reception. Usually such things only last a couple of hours, but we were there for six, partly because it was an open bar, but mostly because of the great live music. Dave's now former boss, the group commander, has his own band, and they were terrific, even more so considering they'd only been together a month or so and the Colonel who's new to the bass guitar and only played Country and Western was now playing Rock as that's what the rest of them play. When they finished their playlist, it turned into a jam/rehearsal session, which was just as much fun.

Then it was all go for packing out and cleaning the house to turn it over. It's my least favourite part of moving being surrounded by chaos and yet so very bored as the packers do everything...then clean, clean, clean. Yesterday, though, it was all over and the house turned back over to the landlord...and best of all, we never have to do this again! Now, I can relax until we leave Germany next Friday (hub's the busy one with out-processing *g*).

ETA: Also, how could I forget to mention my furbaby, Ming? He flew out yesterday to the States and is staying with one of my sisters-in-law until we get over there. Poor thing, with three weeks of chaos and noise, he was quite upset even for a laid-back kitteh like him. I just got a message this morning that he'd arrived in Maryland safe and sound...but I hope he adjusts well to staying with her, and that her two kittehs adjust easily to him as well.
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FFS, once, just once, I would like to be able to do a financial transaction online without it turning into major ass pain.

First off, half the (US) companies I attempt to buy something from don't recognize APO address or don't ship to box numbers...which, of course, is what all APO addresses are. There are companies that offer to receive your purchase and send it on through the Military Postal Service...for a fee, of course. So, essentially, you end up paying twice for shipping and handling.

But the real ass pain is, the actual financial transaction. I can go to a shop here and, assuming they accept credit cards, use mine to make a purchase...no problem. I did this recently in France with both my debit card (from the base community bank) and my credit card. But if I dare try to use it online to make a purchase...no, no, NO!

I've just been trying to buy something through my cards using Paypal. I tried my credit card (which the issuing company STILL hasn't updated my new address)...so no go as the address doesn't match. And when I use my old address, it doesn't work because I'm not in California. So then I try my local debit card. Should work, right? The address matches...right? No. APOs are a US address...but the phone number is not a US phone number! It doesn't fit the US format and they don't recognize it.

I'll sort it out eventually...but that's not the point. Companies, especially US companies (I rarely have this problem with British or German purchases, for example) need to recognize that APO are valid addresses and that, amazingly, we are not going to have phone numbers or state abbreviations that neatly fit their forms.
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And I apologize for spamming flists today. :D

But I thought I should give advance warning to all and apologize in advance if you find me getting snappy, irritable, or just generally bitchy. I am well underway in preparing for our move, and as the hubby is away, all the arrangements are down to me!

I HATE doing this stuff with a passion, and dealing with military bureaucracy, so I will -- if today is anything to go by -- be ready to strangle someone quite happily.

So if I do get, for no apparent reason, testy (shall we say?), you'll probably know why...and you are more than welcome, encouraged even, to point it out to me.

Thanks in advance!

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Tomorrow my eldest, who is twenty, is setting out on his own path and beginning his own, new life. I hope that he finds as much satisfaction, enjoyment, and experiences in his career that his dad, and by connection, I have.

For tomorrow he officially joins the U.S. Air Force, and after all his in-processing is completed down at the MEPs in Sacramento, he'll fly out Tuesday to San Antonio and begin his Basic Training. After eight and a half weeks of basic, which he's very nervous about, but I've the confidence that he will pass with no trouble, he heads to a different part of Texas for his tech schooling (Aircraft Fuel systems), then after a brief leave (which will hopefully be around Christmas) he will go onto his first base.

My feelings in all this. I'm nervous and excited for him. I glad he finally decided what to do with his life, and I hope that he succeeds in this. I will, undoubtedly, worry about him while he's gone as he's never been away from home for more than a few nights, and it will be extremely odd not having him around and it will just be me and the youngest at home as hubby is still overseas.

I wish him the best of luck, and hope Basic will not be too hard on him, and I can't wait to fly down there and watch him graduate in November!
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I haven't done one of these for a few weeks, and in honour of #1 Son who just today signed the next six years of his life away to Uncle Sam:

The Air Force Song (aka The Wild Blue Yonder)

(He has gone in under delayed enlistment, so he's still waiting to hear when he starts Basic. but he's taken the oath and signed on the dotted line (well, electronic line).
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Got back from the gym this morning and #1 Son is greeting me at the door (very unusual as he's not usually even out of bed at that time), so it's either very good or very bad news.


He talked to his recruiter, and he's been accepted into the Air Force!!

Next week he goes with the recruiter down to Sac to do his physical and raise his right hand, etc.

I'm just so happy for him with all the delays and foot dragging from the recruiter!

I'm just one pleased, proud mama!!
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This is of interest to possibly only me here, but this song cracks me up. The hubby is a Crew Chief (aircraft maintainer) by trade, and from hearing his stories, this song just about sums up fighter pilots. The group consists of two active duty F-16 pilots.

Lyrics NSFW

Edit: And a little translation from Air Force speak.

Code 3....Airplane comes back broken and is grounded until fixed. (Not sure what a Code 2 is, but I think not as broken as Code 3)

FOD...Foreign Object Damage. Anything that's in a place it's not supposed to be and can cause damage. In a cockpit, that can be trash, bolts, screws, anything that can move around and damage equipment.

ECM pod...Electronic Counter Measures. Chaff, flares that are used to throw off incoming missiles.
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I had a doctor's appointment today at the base clinic -- very small and very full of ORF (read: old retired farts) most of the time, so much that you don't pay much attention to them.

So, there I was after my appointment waiting to pick up my prescription from the clinic pharmacy window, when this apparent ORF goes to the second window...I don't take any notice until the pharmacy technician serving him, who happen to be a not-so ORF, said to him. "That's okay General, I don't need to see your ID." So then, I start blatantly eavesdropping, as does the young Airman serving me, as you do.

The old technician then says, "It was you who inspired me to join the Air Force, sir."

Now, I'm really interested, and then the General says something about being down in Edwards AFB this past September, flying an F-16 and realizing that he was there, flying the day the Air Force was officially created...back in 1947!

I then realized that I was standing next to the man who broke the sound barrier...none other than Chuck Yeager. And I took a glimpse of him, and sure enough it was him.

Just WOW!

Both me and the Airman were very quietly squeeing!

I know that may not be a big deal to many other people, but I was standing next to a piece of history (and the guy's in his 80s, and still flying F-16s!!!!)
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...and who spoil it for the rest of us.

For the past few years, at least as long as I've been in Germany (over 4 years now), the senior class has had their graduation at a town about 20 km from here in a medieval abbey. It is a gorgeous building with magnificent architecture. In a word, it makes graduating from the High School here a special thing....because, hey where in the States is a kid going to get such a memorable opportunity?

Well, a few weeks ago, I found out that this years graduation -- which is also #1 son's graduation -- will be held on base at the base gym. I assumed that this was because of security issues with a heightened security threat at the moment. Disappointing, but okay, I can accept that as a valid reason. What I can't accept, and really pisses me off, is what I found out just a little while ago.

Someone complained about having the graduation in this abbey because of separation of church and state issues! WTF!?!? I'm agnostic, and I don't have a problem with this because it's not about having the ceremony in a religious building, but in a historical. A once in a lifetime opportunity for these students, and something that they would remember. It is just a venue, with nothing religious taking place. Besides the Germans don't have the same restrictions on separation, and as we are in Germany, we should respect their standards (as we are told endlessly on AFN "commercials").

So, my son is screwed and he and the rest of his class will have a graduation in a 50-year old, run down gym. Just because someone decided to be offended. Now that's really special, ain't it?

What also pisses me off about this, is that this isn't the first time he's been screwed with school. Back in Virgina, he had to go to a middle school that was not the closest, but they needed students from the base to attend to make a more racially diverse student body. In 8th grade here in Germany, he was supposed to go on a week long trip to England, but it had to be cancelled due to security concerns as the Iraq War had just kicked off (understandable, but very disappointing)...and they did nothing to make up for it, and of course, the following year's 8th graders did take the trip. It's just not fair for him, and no wonder he's just totally disenfranchised with school. Nothing good happens.

ETA: A photo of where he should've been graduating from:
Abtei PrĂ¼m
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There's been a small change in our move. Instead of having to rush to leave by early July, we're not leaving until late August (which is when we *should* be leaving). This is good, because July was stressing me out. Plus, I get to have an extra trip back to England, and *hopefully* a quick trip down to Rome.
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...because there's no one else around to tell right now.

We've got our assignment...

We know where we're going...

At least I do, as hubby is TDY atm, so I got the notif...

He's in Athens, lucky bugger...

You mean you want to know?

My music's a clue...the group anyway. :D

Well, it's. . . )


Mar. 26th, 2007 11:13 am
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Yesterday, I went and saw 300! It rocked! I went in excited and full of anticipation, especially after I got a text from [livejournal.com profile] franzi1981 that there was bare Gerry arse to be seen...but there was also a part of me that was ready to be disappointed because of the somewhat mixed reviews and that while Gerry, IMO, is always great...some of his movies leave something to be desired. No worries at all on that case.

True, it's not a movie for everyone, but I don't mind blood and gore and certainly not in such a beautifully stylised way. My inner historian was, by and large, satisified. I didn't go in expecting accuracy as that wasn't really the film's intent, sticking more to Frank Miller's story (I assume, I haven't read it yet, but it had that feel) and keeping to the spirit of the historical action...I had far more issues with Troy than with this. My one major complaint was not enough arse! That scene should have been far longer and more close up...and I shall no doubt be wearing out that part of the DVD once it's out. Gerry was jut GUHHHH!!! I'm still drooling. And the other Spartans were also very nice eye candy too (Stelios, particularly).

Yes, loved it as much as I hoped I would.

Also, I've spent the last week watching Doctor Who...I totally missed out on Nine, but I'm now all caught up there, and I love it! I'm an old school Who fan, but I never got myself around to watching the new series much...although I did manage to see a few episodes from season 2 (I was bitterly disappointed by the travesty that was the TV movie in the 90s). I don't know, maybe it's because the show is older than me, but even hearing the theme tune just gives me a lovely feeling, and when I started watching it again, it was like an old friend. And to get to see the introduction of Captain Jack Harkness, well needs not to be said. Plus....Daleks! I absolutely love Daleks...always have.

On a RL note...today we should find out our choices for our next assignment. The list of bases that we could go to is due out today. Doesn't automatically mean we'll get what we want from that list, but at least it'll give us an idea of the possibilities. So fingers crossed England is on there...and then pray to the Assignment gods.
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Hubby called me at work yesterday (he's currently away for a couple of weeks) and he found out that he made Chief (E-9...highest enlisted rank). So when we leave Germany next August, we'll be moving onto another base for 3 years instead of retiring.

Kind of a double edged sword...we've both had enough of the Air Force and the way things are going generally that retiring would be nice. Get away from the military and try something else, although also a little daunting. But the only reason he decided to try for Chief was for the retirement money it will give him, nearly double of what he would make now. And that money, yeah, very good.

Now to keep my fingers crossed we get an assignment to England...or somewhere *very* nice in the States.
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I'm probably way behind things here, but I just heard last night that military base theaters are not going to be showing Brokeback Mountain.


I can't say I'm surprised. I had wondered if they would be so worried that showing this film will either a) turn their oh-so-het servicemembers gay...because that's what happens, dontcha know or b) cause a flood of servicemembers to break 'don't ask, don't tell.'

I guess I'll have to check the schedule and see if it's going to be shown at Luxembourg.

One high spot in this...there'll be no wank on the Stars and Stripes letters page from people whose homophobic sensibilities were so offended that they were traumatized or something. (And yes, the S&S letter page is incredibly wanky. The recent spooge over military chaplains was worthy of F_W, if it was, you know, a fandom).

Hmmm...wonder if they'll sell the DVD when it comes out?

ETA: Nope, not on at Lux. Must remember to check their schedule.
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August 2007!

Not only is it when we leave Germany, but military retirement. Hubby didn't make Chief (highest enlisted rank), so that means he can put his papers in to get out in August and we retire the next year. After more than 20 years, is more than time.


The extra money would have been nice, but this is better as we're both fed up of the bullshit the military throws up all the time. Civvie street is on the horizon....hmmmm...both an exciting and scary prospect.


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