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There is a case being appealed to the Supreme Court which claims that Barack Obama is not eligible to be President as because his father was Kenyan, Obama is therefore not a natural born US citizen, even though he was born on US soil.

Fortunately, it seems likely (from the report that I heard) that the Supreme Court will decide not to hear this case, but it still makes me angry. (And it is only one of several similar cases, all of which have been tossed out of lower courts, thankfully.

Saying that is like saying that my children, both born in the US, are not natural born US citizens because I was born in Britain. Well, they are most undoubtedly and assuredly are and always have been. I find this case to be a great insult to them as much as Obama.

The nerve of some people. Oh, how I would like to meet this guy and set him right.
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...I hear she has plenty. *g* Sorry, Dia I couldn't resist.

And doing a General Update.

Yesterday, I took #1 Son to pick up his car. We found him a 97 Hyundai from the repo lot. It's got a few things wrong with it, most notably it needs a new starter motor and a lock on the passenger's door, but it runs good otherwise. He cleaned it out as soon as we got it home...there was a load of crap in the back, like old clothes and stuff. And once we get it registered, he's going to take it to the Security Forces on base to let one of their sniffer dogs check it for drugs. Yes, this is a service they provide if you buy a used car downtown.

We're having some friends come over for dinner tonight. Luckily we're not doing anything fancy, just BBQ wings and salad. Though I do have to make a trifle for dessert and go out, clean house, and do some grocery shopping.

Tomorrow, I'm going up to Apple Hill again. I had such a fun time there with [livejournal.com profile] ladyofbrileith a few weeks ago that I have to take hubby and hit a few of the orchards.

I'm still full of the squee at Wild West!Gerry!


Hsu is about ready to kill Cody. Figuratively and literally if his mood is anything to go by, so I have to find a way to circumvent that. I do feel bad for the boy she's snogging in the closet, but I'm trying to persuade him the whelp isn't worth the effort of killing. In the future, Hsu is in the Rani's TARDIS attempting to change history and save his children. And at Samhain, K'tanya asked him to kill Wes for her...and he agreed! Cody will have to keep him distracted from that. *g*

Mark, well he's on his way to rescue Alexa in the subway explosion. So that's keeping him busy. In another thread, he's talking with Methos about his curse and how he feels about the HL Immortals, which is a mix of feelings.

My new pup Stelios, has only added to the chaos in my brain. Manda and I just thought he would be excellent as an old friend for Mark and to join their storyline later, and then he pops in as a full blown muse, joining comms and chatting to people. Still working out a lot of his character, but I'm finding him refreshingly unangsty and happy in general. *pets Stelios*

Ath, on the other hand, is very unhappy that I have a Spartan pup. She hates him and is being very bitchy about him, although she acknowledges he is hot. So I have to keep those two separate as well. I will have to post that thread for her date with Fitz and keep her distracted there.

Daemon has perked up, first by being a part of Surreal's and Sam's wedding party and then he got into a conversation with Raoul de Chagny...and is now visiting Erik (not my Erik).

I've also deleted a few journals that really aren't getting used anymore, and probably won't as I have my hands full with this lot.
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"The path of my life is strewn with cowpats from the devil's own satanic herd."

I wanted to get so much done today.

That, however, was not in my youngest's plan. He goes and runs into a wall during gym class and hurts his wrist. So I take him over to the ER clinic...get the x-rays...and YEP! His wrist is broken in two places. Now, I'm trying to get a hold of Tricare (the military insurance people) as I need to make him an appointment with a German orthopedic surgeon as we don't have one on base.


And I have a headache! *pout*

Edit: Headache has now become a full-blown migraine, so all that stuff I need to get done will still have to wait because looking at monitor=/=good.
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...and who spoil it for the rest of us.

For the past few years, at least as long as I've been in Germany (over 4 years now), the senior class has had their graduation at a town about 20 km from here in a medieval abbey. It is a gorgeous building with magnificent architecture. In a word, it makes graduating from the High School here a special thing....because, hey where in the States is a kid going to get such a memorable opportunity?

Well, a few weeks ago, I found out that this years graduation -- which is also #1 son's graduation -- will be held on base at the base gym. I assumed that this was because of security issues with a heightened security threat at the moment. Disappointing, but okay, I can accept that as a valid reason. What I can't accept, and really pisses me off, is what I found out just a little while ago.

Someone complained about having the graduation in this abbey because of separation of church and state issues! WTF!?!? I'm agnostic, and I don't have a problem with this because it's not about having the ceremony in a religious building, but in a historical. A once in a lifetime opportunity for these students, and something that they would remember. It is just a venue, with nothing religious taking place. Besides the Germans don't have the same restrictions on separation, and as we are in Germany, we should respect their standards (as we are told endlessly on AFN "commercials").

So, my son is screwed and he and the rest of his class will have a graduation in a 50-year old, run down gym. Just because someone decided to be offended. Now that's really special, ain't it?

What also pisses me off about this, is that this isn't the first time he's been screwed with school. Back in Virgina, he had to go to a middle school that was not the closest, but they needed students from the base to attend to make a more racially diverse student body. In 8th grade here in Germany, he was supposed to go on a week long trip to England, but it had to be cancelled due to security concerns as the Iraq War had just kicked off (understandable, but very disappointing)...and they did nothing to make up for it, and of course, the following year's 8th graders did take the trip. It's just not fair for him, and no wonder he's just totally disenfranchised with school. Nothing good happens.

ETA: A photo of where he should've been graduating from:
Abtei PrĂ¼m
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Well, I suppose it had to happen sooner or later, and if I'm perfectly frank, I'm surprised it's taken this long. #2 son has broken his collar bone...first broken bone with either boy. Of course, I was in class this afternoon, come home to find the boy not home, and I start checking his friends' to see if he decided to stop off there, but no one's seen him. Then I come back home to find to call the school and find #1 son on the phone with hubby...calling to say he's at the emergency room. Of course, #1 son hangs up before I can say let me speak to him. So will just have to wait until they get home...whenever that'll be...to find out how the boy is.

Poor sausage.


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