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Well, I've been back...nearly a week, and I'm getting ready for my oldest son to pay me a visit as well as the hubby returning from that unpleasant place that he's been for six months. So, I thought I'd share some of my holiday pics and bore you all (especially if you've already seen them on my FB)! *g*

Edinburgh to Bedfordshire. Lots of pics. )
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Last weekend (if you've seen my FB) me and the hubby went to the nearby city of Trier (oldest city in Germany) and enjoyed the Brot und Spiele (Bread and Games) fest that they held amongst ruins of the Imperial Baths. They had a Roman camp, artizans, food and beer (it is Germany, after all!) and displays. Unfortunately, we didn't know we had to buy the tickets to the full Gladiator Games in advance, so we missed out on that, but next year.

Certain muses were also very much awake.

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I had a doctor's appointment today at the base clinic -- very small and very full of ORF (read: old retired farts) most of the time, so much that you don't pay much attention to them.

So, there I was after my appointment waiting to pick up my prescription from the clinic pharmacy window, when this apparent ORF goes to the second window...I don't take any notice until the pharmacy technician serving him, who happen to be a not-so ORF, said to him. "That's okay General, I don't need to see your ID." So then, I start blatantly eavesdropping, as does the young Airman serving me, as you do.

The old technician then says, "It was you who inspired me to join the Air Force, sir."

Now, I'm really interested, and then the General says something about being down in Edwards AFB this past September, flying an F-16 and realizing that he was there, flying the day the Air Force was officially created...back in 1947!

I then realized that I was standing next to the man who broke the sound barrier...none other than Chuck Yeager. And I took a glimpse of him, and sure enough it was him.

Just WOW!

Both me and the Airman were very quietly squeeing!

I know that may not be a big deal to many other people, but I was standing next to a piece of history (and the guy's in his 80s, and still flying F-16s!!!!)


Oct. 15th, 2005 01:22 pm
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I just got my grade for my PfH (Paper from Hell) that I did for my History Research Class and which I was so busy with for a few weeks there. It was about Attila...and I got a...



Not only that, but the instructor said that I should enter it for UMUC's History Essay Prize... WOW!!


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