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Here's some pics of Gerry doing the car race thing on the Jay Leno Show a couple of weeks back...and getting the highest time at that point (have no idea if he's been beaten since).
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Okay, so the first thing that struck me when Gerry came on was "OMG! He shaved!" LOL And in very general, he was a fantastic host, so very funny -- as we know he is -- and looking very, very good indeed.

Now, it's been years since I've watched SNL, so I don't really know how good a show it was compared to other recent ones, but I thought it was a mixed bag. Some skits worked and some didn't work as well. However, and it'll surprise no one that I say this...I thought Gerry was brilliant, and he looked like he was really enjoying himself.

My favourite skits were him kicking seven kinds of arse while singing "Music of the Night", Beauty and the Beast (he makes a very sexy Beast...or is that Beauty? *g*), Daveheart, and Weekend Update. Yes, I loved his full Scottish, the 'translations' and when he switched into full blown Glaswegian...I wondered how bad it was that I understood most of what he was saying! LOL

As for the 300 skit, it was funny (and in a way it did fit in with Frank Miller's version) and a good dig at DADT, but I admit my inner historian not to mention Stelios was WTFing at that one.

In conclusion...SNL need to have Gerry back as guest host again! And again! And again!

Oh yes, and the bumper shots were....*drool*

And gb.net have Pics and video!
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Well, watching it, at least!

Gerard Butler to host SNL on Oct. 17th!!
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From "Playing God" episode of "An Unsuitable Job for a Woman" which was an okay private detective show of typical UK murder-mystery fair, circa 1997.

A short role, he's only in the first 10-15 minutes, as he's the corpse. But he looks so young and fresh faced...even if he is a bit on the shady side. :D

Tim Bolton )


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