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Over on [livejournal.com profile] gbutlerfan, they've just put up a great interview where Gerry talks about RocknRolla, his accent in PS I Love You, and his gay relationships and drugs past....not really damn!. *g*

But in other words, he's his usual goofy self. *g*

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Here's Gerry's appearance last week on Jay Leno. It's the third and fourth segments. Typical Gerry...a joke that goes nowhere, sunglasses at the gym, and recounting having to take a leak when filming Mrs. Brown.

Always the very lovable goof!

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...How much I freakin' adore Gerry Butler!!!

I was in line at the grocery store, and I happened to see him on the cover of Men's Health...so yeah, that promptly went into the cart.

Just read the article. OMG, he's just a big kid!

Giving the interviewer a history lesson on Edinburgh.

"I love everything about the Scottish people -- their warmth, their humour, their potential for violence."

Skidding nearly 6 feet down a slick sidewalk: "HA! Did you see that?...Watch me do it again." Like I said, big kid!

Roll on Rocknrolla!!
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Reading an article about "Game" a film from the people behind "Crank" (with Jason Statham) and starring Gerry Butler, my slashy heart was filled with glee at the following quote:

When asked about who would win in a cage fight, Statham or Butler, one of the directors says: "Oh, I so want that to happen. But can you imagine if we got them both in a gay porn...?"

Oh yeah! LOL

Full article
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According to GB.Net Gerry's scheduled to appear on Jay Leno again tonight (April 3rd).

In other news and for those who RP with my pups, I have my mum coming to visit tomorrow for Easter/spring break. So for the next week and a half, I shall be even more scarce than usual. I will try and hit tags when I can, and I'll give priority to certain threads (like Hsu's raid), but yeah, I'll be slower than usual.

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Gerry appeared on Craig Ferguson and was as funny and cute as ever.

Including his gaff about wanting to "have a fag."

Don't ever change, Gerry.
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Managed to pick up a copy of Men's Health yesterday, and let's just say those photos of GB are even better on glossy paper. Just guh!

And reading just exactly what training regime he had to go through for "300" makes me exhausted thinking about it. Four months of solid, intense body training and then hours of weapons training to. This for a man who admits he wasn't in the best shape before hand (and judging from some of those pics from July 2005, I'd agree). One interesting thing was that the training was so intense that after the film wrapped, he went into total burnout for several months...which his trainer said wasn't unusual...and just slobbed around, although he finally did get back into a training program, though nowhere near as extreme.

Another point was that he was doing the interview for this magazine and still smoking...which he didn't miss the irony of. Still trying to quit, although it's obviously not working. He once told Jay Leno that he had tried to quit 27 times over a two year period.

But, oh those pictures!!!

*is ded*

Feb. 4th, 2007 12:06 pm
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Just popped online to do a really quick look through the flist...and I see this:


Totally made my day (especially the second one!). *drool* *guh*

Must buy copy.


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