May. 26th, 2011 09:52 pm
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Lolcat + Gerry funny )
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To those who are here in the States...


For tomorrow. I'm not going to be around much throughout the weekend as everybody is home, so eat, drink and be merry! And I've just found out there's harness racing on at CalExpo, so I'm going to see if hubby wants to go to that Friday.

For those of you elsewhere, just have a great Thursday!

Also I just went and ordered the two-disc version of '300'. Amazon had it for just $13.99, how could I resist. And I also got a Leonidas figurine...I'm weak...although I now have Stelios bitching to me about how they don't have one of him!

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Like the other one, not mine, just found it.
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Gerry makes such a great interviewer, especially with the burp!

I'll post Zack's interview of Gerry later.


Mar. 26th, 2007 11:13 am
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Yesterday, I went and saw 300! It rocked! I went in excited and full of anticipation, especially after I got a text from [livejournal.com profile] franzi1981 that there was bare Gerry arse to be seen...but there was also a part of me that was ready to be disappointed because of the somewhat mixed reviews and that while Gerry, IMO, is always great...some of his movies leave something to be desired. No worries at all on that case.

True, it's not a movie for everyone, but I don't mind blood and gore and certainly not in such a beautifully stylised way. My inner historian was, by and large, satisified. I didn't go in expecting accuracy as that wasn't really the film's intent, sticking more to Frank Miller's story (I assume, I haven't read it yet, but it had that feel) and keeping to the spirit of the historical action...I had far more issues with Troy than with this. My one major complaint was not enough arse! That scene should have been far longer and more close up...and I shall no doubt be wearing out that part of the DVD once it's out. Gerry was jut GUHHHH!!! I'm still drooling. And the other Spartans were also very nice eye candy too (Stelios, particularly).

Yes, loved it as much as I hoped I would.

Also, I've spent the last week watching Doctor Who...I totally missed out on Nine, but I'm now all caught up there, and I love it! I'm an old school Who fan, but I never got myself around to watching the new series much...although I did manage to see a few episodes from season 2 (I was bitterly disappointed by the travesty that was the TV movie in the 90s). I don't know, maybe it's because the show is older than me, but even hearing the theme tune just gives me a lovely feeling, and when I started watching it again, it was like an old friend. And to get to see the introduction of Captain Jack Harkness, well needs not to be said. Plus....Daleks! I absolutely love Daleks...always have.

On a RL note...today we should find out our choices for our next assignment. The list of bases that we could go to is due out today. Doesn't automatically mean we'll get what we want from that list, but at least it'll give us an idea of the possibilities. So fingers crossed England is on there...and then pray to the Assignment gods.
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Gerry appeared on Craig Ferguson and was as funny and cute as ever.

Including his gaff about wanting to "have a fag."

Don't ever change, Gerry.
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From a pre-Oscar article in The Observer:

The very next night, however, waves were made at a screening of 300... 300's Director Zach Snyder attempted to give a balanced (if somewhat evasive) response to accusations of trying to incite American to invade Iran when the crazed viewer yelled, "You must have said 'Persian' a hundred times." At which point Gerard Butler, star of the film growled with hybrid Scottish/Spartan insouciance: "That's because they were fucking Persians."

(emphasis mine)

Love him!
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Managed to pick up a copy of Men's Health yesterday, and let's just say those photos of GB are even better on glossy paper. Just guh!

And reading just exactly what training regime he had to go through for "300" makes me exhausted thinking about it. Four months of solid, intense body training and then hours of weapons training to. This for a man who admits he wasn't in the best shape before hand (and judging from some of those pics from July 2005, I'd agree). One interesting thing was that the training was so intense that after the film wrapped, he went into total burnout for several months...which his trainer said wasn't unusual...and just slobbed around, although he finally did get back into a training program, though nowhere near as extreme.

Another point was that he was doing the interview for this magazine and still smoking...which he didn't miss the irony of. Still trying to quit, although it's obviously not working. He once told Jay Leno that he had tried to quit 27 times over a two year period.

But, oh those pictures!!!
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Been laid low by a cold for the past couple of days...but this is making me feel better!

More scans from Men's Health

*is ded*

Feb. 4th, 2007 12:06 pm
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Just popped online to do a really quick look through the flist...and I see this:


Totally made my day (especially the second one!). *drool* *guh*

Must buy copy.
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I didn't make these, but there are some fantastic screen caps from the "300" trailer over HERE

Is it next summer yet?

I haven't looked forward to a film this much since...since..well POTO. *g*


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