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I enjoyed making these icons, although it was tougher than I thought it would be. The inspiration theme was Seasons and for the most part I took a literal meaning to it and did a few to represent each season. Some were easier than others, but it was a lot of fun...and going through photos of Hrithik is never a chore!

For every season, turn, turn, turn )
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For [livejournal.com profile] character20n20
Please credit [livejournal.com profile] simplyjaye if taking
Comments are always welcome, but not necessary.


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Like I said in my last post, there wasn't much positive to say about "Kites" except the delicious eye candy!

Onto the prettehs....lots of prettehs. )
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Name your five favorite foreign-language films/series.

Mission: Kashmir (Hindi)-- Yes, it's cheesy in places but it ticks so many of my ticky boxes!

Jodhaa Akbar (Hindi)-- Just so sumptuously beautiful (and not just the actors!).

Kontroll (Magyar) -- A very strange film, but compelling at the same time.

Ghajini (Hindi) -- Bollywood version of Memento and a very intense Aamir Khan.

Hero (Chinese) -- A visually beautiful martial arts film with Jet Li, Zhang Ziyi, and my favourite, Donnie Yen.

-- And I can't wait until I get around to seeing My Name is Khan, Kites (full Bollywood version), and The Warlords
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Manda posted this one, and I loved it so much I had to post it over here, so I don't lose track of it!

Turn the heat down! )
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This is just a small sampling of the screencaps I took:

Not at all dial-up friendly )
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First the mish mash.

I spent a very enjoyable day doing something I hadn't done in a long time, and that was to make an RP date. Manda and I threaded quite a bit between Danny and Cody and their little hook up after Hsu's ruling on Boukun, which is quite intense, and a lot of fun. I had to lock Mr. Grumpy Pants away to stop him bitching.

In between tags, I started work on making my first mood theme. This one for Danny (and Altaaf, if I ever get him a paid account). I think I got the hardest part done, looking for the right pics...although really how hard is it looking at pics of Hrithik? And I haven't even capped Jodhaa Akbar yet! Now just to size, crop and load. After that I just have Hsu, Mark, Stelios, Azazeal, and Ath to go. *sigh*

Did find a very cute pic of Hrithik from his first movie...I'll load it later as it's back on the other puter.

Now for Jodhaa Akbar

I've had this movie since September, and I never got around to watching it. It was worth the wait! Yes, I loved it! Not only for Hrithik and Ash, but the sets and costumes were just beautiful. It is a visually stunning film, with so much detail paid down to the smallest piece of jewelry. I don't know much about that period of the Mughal Empire, other than very basic facts (but it's prompted me to buy a book on Indian history to learn more), so I can't say how historically accurate it is, but I would guess it probably butchered history no worse than the standard Hollywood period film.

Hrithik, as the Mughal Emperor Jalaluddin Muhammed Akbar, was perfect as he can pull off the bearing of a mighty king...and I could picture Hsu in his place in parts (not all as it is a romance story *g*). One scene, he executes his brother by having him thrown from the fortress wall...head first. When he is told his brother survived, he orders him be brought up and thrown off again. Also the elephant taming rocked! Aishwarya plays his Hindi princess bride, Jodhaa Bai who must find her place in the Muslim court while making Akbar work to win her heart and so the people of Hindustan. And she is just so completely beautiful, she is my #1 girl crush right now without a doubt.

There are few songs, considering the length of the movie, and only two dance numbers. One a group of Sufis celebrate their wedding, and another huge piece in praise of the achievements of the Emperor. Only one complaint is the overuse of the 'dramatic chords' at every so-called dramatic moment -- so called because some weren't. It was very cheesy and annoying.

In the deleted scenes they had two wonderful ones with Mahesh Das (Idrajit Sarkar), who through his wit and wiles becomes a Birbal of the Mughal court. They should have kept those scenes in as he was just brilliant as he outwitted Akbar, a vizier (?) and a guard.
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The hubby is gone, so I have time to catch up on MY movies. Tonight was Dhoom 2. I'm so tempted to buy this now, even though it's quite a silly movie with huge plot holes in, but DAMN is Hrithik hot in this...or is he HOT! Well...except when he's in disguise...drag and dwarf doesn't suit him. It's typical action flair done Bollywood style. Mr. A (Hrithik) is an international thief and the police are out to trap him, and the main cop send out a beautiful thief (Aishwarya Rai) to catch a thief. Will she betray him? Will they fall in love? It's not difficult to figure out, but did I mention how HOT he is in this!? And he and Aishwarya sizzle! *g* Plus he gets to skydive, sandboard, scuba-dive, inline skate, abseil, and ride a motorbike! Danny was in heaven!

Yeah, I took about 300 screencaps, and it's not that long of a film by Bollywood standards.

Here are just a handful...a big handful: )

Also I have Jodhaa Akbar...so I can't wait for the chance to watch that in the next few days!
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Watched the first half of "Mission Kashmir" and so far it is just incredible.

I'm really getting hooked on this Bollywood thing! *g* Even though this has fewer dance numbers, and is more action/drama...still I'm just loving the feel!

And I'm certainly getting even more hooked on this guy! )
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A Bollywood sci-fi film with the actor I use for Daniel's PB over on IJ, Hrithik Roshan.

If I thought he was gorgeous before...in action he is drop dead-never want to get up-gorgeous. GUH!!!!

The film's fun, silly, and corny in places (like I said, it's Bollywood) but not too much. Hrithik has a ton of 'Danny' expressions which just made my day...and can that man move, both as a dancer and a fighter. When he started some high-speed katas, I nearly melted!

Did I mention he's effing gorgeous!....work safe/not dialup friendly )


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