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I didn't think I'd get these done in time thanks to December having got unexpectedly busy with quite a bit of travel for me and my son coming home, but I really wanted to get these ones done as the theme for this month was "Nostalgia".

I picked one of my oldest, and still well-loved, fandoms, the ITV series from the early 1980s, "Robin of Sherwood". Because it's thirty years old, there aren't that many great quality photos or screencaps around, but I did my best with what I had and the time I had.

As always icons are gankable, no credit needed, but comments are always appreciated!

Hope you enjoy!

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Ok, so the only reason I'm posting is to try out my new toy.....a Samsung Galaxy 2 to be exact. Now I'm just playing about with and learning different apps like this one!

Finding it pretty nifty *g*
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It's been a long time since I've posted to my journal and a long time since I've dabbled in icon making and [livejournal.com profile] inspired20in20, but I found the time to be inspired this month!


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Feb. 28th, 2012 03:02 pm
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I haven't done a post where I've gone over my newest fandoms for a looonng time, and as I'm sitting her at the coffee shop waiting to head to the airport, and it's way to noisy to concentrate on writing...I might as well find something to occupy my journal.

BEING HUMAN (UK): Okay, so I've been a fan since the first season, and now that I can watch BBC iPlayer, I can now watch S4 the day after broadcast, I am more hooked than ever. To be honest, I wasn't sure how I would like this season with three lead cast members leaving the show, especially Aidan Turner who plays Mitchell, but I think that the PTB have done a good job of dealing with that. I even like the 'replacement' characters. Yes, they've set it up the same, but Tom and Hal are so totally different to George and Mitchell (despite being a werewolf and vampire, respectively) that the interactions are fresh and interesting. I love Annie always have, always will and I'm liking watching her grow as well as deal with her grief over her friends and forging new bonds (or not?) with her new housemates. There are plenty of interesting supporting characters as well, and I'm curious to see how they will develop and what side of good vs. evil they will fall on. The only weak spot that I can see is the baby, Eve and the whole "War Child" prophecy. I'm hoping they will do something completely surprising with it, and not turn it into a typical prophetic child trope.

SHERLOCK: I've only just started watching this, and only a couple of episodes at that...but it sucked me in immediately. It is just so clever (which I would expect from the subject) and an original take on ACD. While I don't find anything greatly physically attractive about Cumberbatch or Freeman, I absolutely love their chemistry together. They work so well together. It's unique and fun.

THE TUDORS: Yes, I'm late to this particular party, but hubby bought the complete series when he was deployed and we are slowly getting through them. I've never been a fan of the actual Tudors (Ricardian here!)...but with it's loose historical accuracy and great acting, I'm really enjoying it. Of course, watching JRM so much is hardly a bad thing...nor is Henry Cavill.

GAME OF THRONES: This really shows how bad I've been at updating my journal. LOL I had never heard of ISOIAF before hearing that Sean Bean was in the series. Hearing the premise, I got interested, and the local used bookshop here had the first novel. That first novel was quickly followed by the rest. And now I'm waiting impatiently for the DVDs and also the second season (which I'll miss the first ep as I'll be in Ireland!). As is typical for me, my favourites aren't the fandom favourites, and I find those that are annoying. I love Tyrion, hands down my favourite...he's a wonderful mix of grey that I love, and you can understand how he got to be like he is. Also those who I know I'll enjoy when I get to their chapters are Cersei, Petyr, Jamie, and Dany (although I hope she stops wasting time soon). Theon and Sansa are both growing on me slowly, and I do love seeing how they are going to develop. And while I'm sure that Jon Snow will be key to how this all plays out, in some way or another, I really hope not. I've been 'meh' over him since the start, and after everything that has happened (and still will happen?) it just seems all rather predictable. Please George R.R. Martin, surprise me like you have so often!

ONCE UPON A TIME: I heard a lot of people talking about this, and when it came on here, I checked it out. First network US show I've really got into for a long time, and what's more, hubby enjoys it as well. Rumplestiltskin makes it (okay, long time Robert Carlyle fan here, since Begbie and the guy he played on "Cracker" whose name eludes me right now), and I love the Queen/Mayor. But the best thing about the show is seeing the "before and after" of the fairy tale character and their real world counterpart. Sometimes it's a little predictable, but I like figuring out who is who. Also, Nick Lea was in last night's episode here! And although I'm not a big fan of the actress, Emma Swan is a strong female character and carries the show well.

And a fandom that I've fallen out of love with )
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This month's challenge was "Attraction", and it's no surprise that I find Gerard Butler the perfect inspiration for this. One of the things I find most attractive about him is his goofy sense of humour and that never appears to mind showing that side. So, I picked pictures that, hopefully, reflect that.

Strange attraction spreads its wings... )
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Make it a great one & spoil yourself!




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Especially having DVDs sent rather than Watch Instantly?

I'm having a problem with them sending me DVDs in order from my queue. This has happened about three times now (first time I thought it might just be a glitch, second time was right around the Holidays so I was too busy to do much about it).

The Problem...which is also a rant )

ETA: Okay, a FB friend found a number for me (apparently, I had to log all the way out and still go a couple of clicks to find their 'homepage', and it's there....obviously because no already signed-up customer could ever need to contact them), so I shall be calling later.

ETA2: *sigh* And that number was the British number for Netflix (as friend is in Britain). Although it did clue me in that I had to switch Tunnel Bear to the US proxy...and finally found their number. And will (again) call later (yes, they're available 24/7 but I'm on my way out).
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Have an absolutely wonderful day, Eric!! 
Make it a great one & spoil yourself!


Sorry that it's a day late, I totally missed this!
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It seems that I do despite not posting to it (aside from icontests) for a loooooong time. So, although I'm not one for resolutions, I'm going to endeavour to try and update regularly, probably with mostly meaningless (to everyone else) stuff from my life.

I am debating with myself whether to mirror what I post here to my Dreamwidth Journal, but for the foreseeable future, I'm not leaving Live Journal. I'm still roleplaying, for those of you who might have thought I've fallen off the RP world, but most of it is now over at Insane Journal (100 free icons, FTW!), with some at DW and here at LJ, and I'm trying to get a couple of inactive pups active again...so we'll see how that goes.

Rambling, possibly quite boring summation of last year )

More rambling, just as boring list of what I'm looking forward to in 2012 )

It's going to be a busy year!


Dec. 4th, 2011 01:01 pm
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Writing my Holiday cards out today. If anyone would like me to send them one (and you think you might not be on my usual list) PM me your address and I'll stick one in the post!
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I enjoyed making these icons, although it was tougher than I thought it would be. The inspiration theme was Seasons and for the most part I took a literal meaning to it and did a few to represent each season. Some were easier than others, but it was a lot of fun...and going through photos of Hrithik is never a chore!

For every season, turn, turn, turn )
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Have a great day...you deserve it!  Take it easy and celebrate big!

And this little chap wants you to know it too...

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Attila the Hun from 'Attila'


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For [livejournal.com profile] character20n20
Please credit [livejournal.com profile] simplyjaye if taking
Comments are always welcome, but not necessary.


The rest under here )
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Well, I've been back...nearly a week, and I'm getting ready for my oldest son to pay me a visit as well as the hubby returning from that unpleasant place that he's been for six months. So, I thought I'd share some of my holiday pics and bore you all (especially if you've already seen them on my FB)! *g*

Edinburgh to Bedfordshire. Lots of pics. )
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Arrived safe and sound in Edinburgh yesterday. Had a great view of the Forth Bridge as the plane came into land, which was cool as, sadly, Edinburgh is pretty much all I'll get to do of Scotland on this visit...schedule is way too packed for anything else.

Seeing as by the time we got done with the airport and picked up the rental car, it was pushing mid afternoon, so we are doing the city centre today. Instead we found a cinema and watched X-Men: First Class. Brilliant! Okay, I knew Michael Fassbender would be great as Erik Lensherr/Magneto but he was even better than that! That man can do intensity, or what. Sure, there were some corny/stretching the suspension of disbelief moments (a hovering SR-71, wtf?), but nowhere near enough to spoil the rest. And there is a great cameo appearance in there as well!
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Tomorrow I'm heading out to the UK again. This time, first stop is Edinburgh...where I'll hopefully meet up with the lovely [livejournal.com profile] phantomas. Then I shall meander down into northern England, stopping at Vindolanda Roman Fort along Hadrian's Wall and then the Lake District. Then a stop off to let the kid blow off steam at Blackpool's Pleasure Beach (cheesy but hopefully fun) before we head to Yorkshire, then down south to 'home' and a visit to Mum's and a family wedding.

Two weeks in all, and I'll try to check in if the wi-fi fees aren't too outrageous.


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