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Since my last (non-review) post quite a lot as gone on in the past few months. I can't believe that it was February, so yeah, been quite busy since then. If you follow me on Facebook then you've probably seen the photos, etc.

Just after I made that post, we properly moved into the house and slowly unpacked, and even though two rooms are still basically storage rooms until we finish off the basement and we don't have most of our pictures up on the wall yet, we are pretty much settled in now the last of the first round of decorating is done. We passed from 2 feet or so of snow to spring and now to hot, humid early summer and to see all the trees in the woods come to life and the wildlife wandering out is possibly the most charming fact about here. We regularly get deer wandering through the yard and grazing in the back.

I took a week off by myself at the end of March/early April down to Williamsburg in Virginia and, I have to say, I did very little aside from some writing and thoroughly enjoyed myself. One highlight of the week was meeting up with [livejournal.com profile] anamm73 and her lovely daughter for the first time. It's always wonderful to finally meet a friend whom I've known for ten years, and we had a great lunch and chat. After that, was when I saw "The Grand Budapest Hotel" (review here). Then on my last day, I saw "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" (review to follow) and after, I had a brief, fun conversation with another, clearly Marvel fan, and we joked about all the people that left before all the credits had finished...even just as the credits rolled!

The rest of April was mainly working around the house and getting the garden going. Then in May, I had some very sad news from back home. For the past fifteen years or so, Mum has been spending most of her time with a gentleman friend, and although they never lived together, they saw each other every day and went on trips and holidays together. They were on one such holiday when he just died. One minute they had been talking and the next he was dead. Needless to say this has hit Mum really hard, but it's lovely to see that his two sons and their families, as well as his surviving sisters, have really rallied round her as she really is at a loose end now. I'm hoping that this autumn, when the weather starts to cool down again, that she'll be able to come out and visit as we're both aware that it will probably be her last trip out because of her age and health.

Other than that, we've been also making more trips than necessary (IMO) down to the inlaws so hubby can help his dad around the place. And last weekend we picked strawberries out of his dad's garden and made two dozen jars of jam. It turned out really well and was surprisingly easy!

In other news, #2 son finally passed his driving test and he's also enrolled in the local community college, where he'll do two years and then transfer to one of the PSU universities.
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