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I've just got back from a wonderful week at my sister-in-law's, house sitting for her. It was even better than I imagined it to be, especially the last four days. #2 son and I, were on our own while hubby stayed up at the house to work on it, and we only had to go up one day. It was yesterday that I realized that I haven't felt that relaxed or comfortable since [livejournal.com profile] gmnoonie and I spent our week in Williamsburg last October, and other than that...almost a year. Not that I did much, and it was almost like being on my own since #2 son spent most of the time in the bedroom playing computer games. It was a much needed break in which I indulged in plenty of crap TV...or just surfing through channels and 8 times out of 10 ending up on HGTV anyway...but I haven't been able to enjoy even just having TV as my background for nearly a year. As my internet was fast and unlimited, I did get to catch up on so plenty of my favourite shows that I've missed as well. I've also been binge viewing "Once Upon a Time" Season 2 DVD set that I bought with a Amazon gift card...it's research as I'm writing Hook in a couple of RPs. And my Season 3 "Game of Thrones" arrived, so I'll be watching that as soon as I've finished with OUAT as I haven't seen it yet, at all (yes, I know about the Red Wedding...looking forward to it as I loved being shocked by it in the book!).

But today, son and I headed back to the inlaws, our mini-vacation over (fortunately, end of March...I'm having a week away at the same place I stayed with [livejournal.com profile] gmnoonie in Williamsburg...but this time all by myself!

Hubby has returned from the house and is making maple syrup from the sap that he's collected from the trees on his dad's property. There's a lot of it, but once you boil it down, you're lucky to end up with a cup full, however, it is really good!

The LEGO Movie (2014)
Format: Theatrical Release
Director: Phil Lord, Christopher Miller
Stars: Will Arnett, Elizabeth Banks

Now #2 son was a HUGE Lego fan growing up, and he has 8 large Rubbermaid tubs of Lego in storage. Even so, he's almost 20 and wasn't sure about going to a kid's movie. However, we heard how it played on many levels, so we went last weekend. The first cinema (the local nice one) we went to was sold out, so we went to the more run down one which is never anywhere near full. There it was early enough to get tickets, but there weren't many seats left by the time the movie started.

Let's just say that the song in the movie pretty much sums it up: "Everything is Awesome". It is a tremendously fun film that will appeal to Lego fans of all ages, even with a nice little surprise at the end. They get most of the Lego themes in, and although CGI...they did really well in making it look all like real Lego pieces.

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