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....declaring my excitement that the scheduled closing on our house was just a week away. But I knew...just knew that I shouldn't let myself get excited until it was a done deal.

Apparently, there's a new law that requires banks to compare W2's with both a transcript of the past two year's tax returns and the actual tax return to make sure there is no fraud. Which is a problem as our 2011 tax return is, in what has become a catchphrase around the house, in storage! And to get a copy from the IRS could take up to sixty days. Fortunately, the bank we're going through and especially the assistant manager, is absolutely brilliant, and she explained our rather different circumstances to whatever body require this information, and so, all the bank requires is a letter stating why we can't provide our 2011 tax return. And since, our loan is not predicated on hubby's earning from then...as he is now retired, those tax returns really have little bearing on our income now anyway.

Once we close on the house, I am definitely buying the bank's assistant manager a thank you card and small gift, because she has absolutely been wonderfully helpful throughout the entire process. This is the benefit of going through a small, local bank rather than one of the large nationals. Even our own bank, USAA, denied us a mortgage from the start because hubby didn't have a job and wouldn't even take into consideration the fact that he retired from the USAF with a pension that compares to an average wage...and this is a bank that caters specifically to the military, retirees, and dependents.

So, hopefully, this time next week, I will be able to say we are homeowners.

In other news, there was, of course, the polar vortex earlier this week...and as if to prove how crazy the weather is...from a high of -20F (-29C) on Tuesday, today is going to be 58F (14.5C).

So, yeah, not exactly thrilling stuff, but it's about all that happened this week...aside from the PA Farm Show, which is basically cow butts.

And if, by chance, anyone is reading this...some eye candy for you. As it was his 40th birthday this week, :

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